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Well in 3 hours and 44 minutes the green flag will drop. I will be running a 100 mile desert style in central Co. I'm not sure how many other quads are in my class but yesterday during practice there was about another 5. My average lap time was about 16 minutes on a 13 mile course. Lots of turns and plenty of high speed areas.

colorado offroad extreme

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Sounds cool!! I wish I was closer. I would like to try something like this.

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Thanks babe...Scott, it was so much fun... kicked my arse but it was great. Here are a few shots of me passing pit row on the first lap coming into the first turn.




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wooooooot narly bot :) i'm goin to try to get some pics of my lorettas race on here....whatta beautiful finish that was lol

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Very cool. Yeah when we were at Loretta's I was wondering how long into that 2 hour race it would be until I was tired. I probably could walk after a 2 hour race.

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Here I am 4 days later and my thighs are still on fire. This was a desert style race so it wasn't big jumps and stuff like Loretta's. There were probably about 12-15 jumps on the 13 mile track. And they are the ones that send you about 40ft but only 5 ft off the ground.

Arm Pump was getting the better of me about 4 laps into it. Then i miss counted laps and instead of pitting on 4 I went to 5 and almost ran out of gas.

Great times

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