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Very nice! I wish they were not so expensive. Nice looking quad too.

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    • By lasxgames
      Old school
      Fill your handlebars with lead shot size 8 or 9. Cap the ends with silicone.
      (caution lead is harmful if sucked on or swallowed)
      They help to reduce the vibration of the bike that you feel through the handlebars. This reduction in vibration translates into less fatigue and numbness in your arms and hands.
    • By Quadz4Life
      Hey peps moneys tight for me. I have two young baby girls got to start buying Santa!
      The Bars and clamp have never been fully mounted on a quad. Never had a wrench on them Period just finger tighten to get the feel see if it was ok. I bought both brand new. I have sold my quad now. Paid $400 just for the bars and I have all the elastomers to with bars. Paid $80 for the clamp.
      Flex Bars with elastomers - $350
      Houser Clamp - $65
      Both Bars and Clamp - $400
      Also I have Black and Red skulled riding gear jersey/pants $200 obo
      And Fox Tracker Boots with rough terrain bottoms great condition size 14 $150 obo
    • By utvboard
      PDS Fabrication’s second generation RZR door bar. This bolt-on door bar provides extra hip room around the seating area creating more comfort for the driver and passenger. These fixed door bars come powdercoated and are made out of 1½” and 1” .095 steel tubing. PDS Fabrication’s RZR Door Bars offer an aesthetic quality which completes the look of the vehicle and more importantly provides leg and
    • By utvboard
      PDS Fabrication introduces the latest in frontal protection for your UTV. The PDS Intrusion Bar provides added structural integrity to your factory roll cage. This bolt-on welded assembly is made of .095 steel tubing and 2 inch wide steel clamps which easily attach to the existing cage. Not only does it provide additional support for the factory cage, it also enhances the looks of your vehicle
    • By UTVCRAP
      Ok, more than a few. I don't know what Johnny and Nick where thinking or where the hell am I going to put them all!

      Several cases of the 4 and 6 inch guys-

      They even got the rv kits

      We even got the new amber bars too

      Pointing this one at Nick from 10 feet away was NOT a good idea!