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muddin in black river falls

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    • By Rocky
      I just picked up a Big Bear 350 4x4, I was told it was a 1994 model. It runs and drives, but needs a bunch of work (I picked it up for a winter project). Anyhow, the front drive shaft is so loose that it falls right out of the splined u joint. The splines aren't worn out, I'll try to get a picture later on but it seems like the drive shaft is too short. It doesn't look broken or extremely worn, but when the pushed all the way into the rear u joint (by the engine) the front of the shaft is not even making connection with the front U joint and the shaft falls out of the front U joint. I can't figure out why it would be like that, the U joints don't look broken or worn (the splines look OK). The spring is still on the shaft up by the front U joint, but it's like the spring is pushing the shaft right out of the joint. Is there supposed to be something keeping the shaft from sliding too far into the rear joint?
    • By JAVUTV
      hi, i have a problem with this atv, now the motor works but hasn´t force i changed tue fuel pump and continuous equal
      somebody help me¡¡¡
    • By trev0006
      Scooter falls into well after crashing 4 times
      A strange man on scooter falls into a huge hole filled with water after crashing into a van, a car, a motorcycle, and a truck.
      Bicycle world record run at 163mph
      Bicycle world record run at 163mph with a little help from a jet engine.
    • By ACLakey
      We pulled together a quick ride and decided that an canyon ride was long overdue. A quick shot of our favorite parking area, we still don't have any shown...scary.

      One of our buddies is trying to decide on what quad he wants so I brought Dad's Polaris 550 XP along so he could get some seat time on it and my Grizzly.

      Looks like a good place for lunch.

      We stopped at a great vista point a little farther down the canyon.

      Someone needs a nap after a long girl friends can wear Nanook of the North out.

      The B-day cound not blow out his candle.

      A great 28mi of God's country

      This stuff never gets old.
    • By ACLakey
      We made a trip into a different part of the Klamath River canyon then hit some trails up a near by mountain. I tried to create a video but I am having trouble with the software, anyways here are some pics and video.
      A good place to stop

      A fun trail

      Good times

      [ame=]YouTube - ‪02-13-10 Ride.flv‬‏[/ame]
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