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Does Anything Go To Get A Dirt Bike Park... Something Must Be Done Before!!???

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Your video did not play for me.....

Where was this video shot??? Some States allow ATVs on the Road and are Licensed....Some states you dont need a Helmet....

Just some things to think about before you fly off the handle....They might be Legit....

I Moved this in here just in case you wanted to Rally the Troops and figure out a legal way to do whatever it is you want to accomplish...However,,,Judging by your post count and the nature of your content I think you are post whoring this on all forums and never to return....

I hope to be Proven Wrong though....:wink:

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Glad you made it back!!!!!!!!!

No inconvenience.....Just a click of a button:laugh:

Not sure what side of the Fence you are on here.....Are you for ATV's being legal in the Streets???? Or are you apposed to ATV's being Ridden by Black People without helmets in the Streets??

As far as the manual....Post your want in the Yamaha Section of our Forum and you will get a response....:wink:

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