ATV Hoe-Down at the Haascienda Ranch

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Saturday June 9 and Sunday June 10, 2007

9am - Midnight

Races begin at 11am - 8pm

Remaining races will proceed Sunday June 10 and noon

Friday June 8 from 6pm - 10pm will be time qualifications for Bracket Race

$6000 + in prize money for races

Games, Music, Camping, Great fun, Food, and Contests

$40 Race Entry for Bracket Race, 500 & Down 4WD Mud Race, 501 & Up 4WD Side by Side Bog, 4 Stroke Modified, Utility 4WD Modified, and Banshee Stock Frame Modified.

$25 Race Entry for all other races

Admission Prices

$16 for two days

$11 for one day

$5.50 after 8pm

Please visit our website at for further information as well as a list of race classes with their payout information.

Thank you, Heather, Brad, Debbie & Staff!

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