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I was flipping through my Stuff and came across these.... Just wondering if any of you had some to Share...Pretty Cool when People off of the Net Can Get together and Ride....

Every Single one of these people I have met on the Net....And EVERY single one of them has turned out to be a GREAT person....And I ride with all of them Every Yr at least once:wink:

Stonyford CA,,,,Cookin Breakfast in my BIG SKILLET!!!! That would be Dirtdog doing the Honors....


Spinreel Or.

Again Cooking Breakfast in my BIG SKILLET...This time Xmuddog and Dirtdog with Clay's Wife in the Background....


Driftwood Campground OR.

RAMPAGE TRIKE line up.....We had the whole campground walking around the trikes...It was a Beautiful Sight!!!


Rampage Trikers and Quaders...One Big Happy Family....Yes,,,,EVERYONE met online and everyone CLICKED....


My Buddie NOS-350X's Property in Fresno...Has a MX Track, Flat Track, Drag Strip...I never met him before this day...I drove 4 hrs to go pick up the Bike on the Right(Im in the middle on one of my Tri-Z's) and he is on the one on the right with another guy I met that same day on his 250R on the left..I posted I was going to be in the Area....They posted back with the When and Where to meet...Been riding with them for 4 yrs now...Doc will be heading out from Texas this yr to the Oregon Trike Rampage in June....Dedicated is all I can Say


Finally,,,,Glamis,,,,I Hauled me and 5 Buddies in my Toyhauler the 14 hrs to Glamis and Met up with some People from AZ and SoCal....


Its amazing how this thing called Internet Forums can Bring people with similar interests togeather....

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Wow, that is allot of Trikes. That is pretty awesome when you can get a bunch of riders together like that. Here is a picture of a bunch of us 2 winters ago out here in New York. If I find other pictures, I'll post them up.


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Yeah it was very the left of that pic (you can't see it) is a nice frozen lake. This shot was taken in the middle of January in New York, very cold. Those are all local guys..:smile:

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