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    • By ESOX
      I have a 2007 400 Kodiak. The air box was full of gas (3") as well as the oil system (gushed out of the filler plug). What am I looking at here?
    • By TSWIII
      I let my ArticCat sit over the winter but before it was put in the garage it was running perfect. In taking it out this year it wouldn't start. I can start it with a charger and it will idle just fine. But it's doing something weird now. Either the display 1)won't display anything or 2) it will just display the analog speedometer but none of the digital stuff or 3) it will display all. So it was acting really sluggish when in HIGH gear and sounded like it was in low gear. So in driving it down the road and it being sluggish, I switched the ignition key to "Lights ON" and the ATV immediately picked up as though it really was in HIGH gear. Switching the ignition back to "ON" was like down shifting into LOW gear. When I came to a stop and switched from LIGHTS on to just ON the ATV completely died. After a 30 minute ride you would think it would start again but I had to jump it again to get it to start. Same issues with the ignition having to be pointed to Lights for it to run decently. Then just as I got back to home base the display showed VOLT. It acts like it's something in the ignition but not sure how that's related to the gears. I put a gas cleaner in the tank since it's been sitting but it really doesn't seem like a bad gas issue that I thought it was at first. I checked the IGN fuse but it seems fine, replaced it with the extra fuse but no joy. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advanced for any help. It's much appreciated. 
    • By Chris41586
      I bought a 2008 Suzuki LTZ 400, and right away noticed it wasn't wanting to shift into 3rd well, if at all. I opened my clutch basket, and a little piece of a gear fell out. A friend helped me strip the motor down, and ended up changing 4th gear (that's where the piece was from) and I believe third gear drive. He said everything else looked good, so I put the bike back together and started it up for a test ride. Right away, I noticed the same shifting issue, first and second go right in, but doesn't want to go into third. The other issue that may be related, is I have a hard time finding neutral. Most of the time it goes right from first to second, and I have to lightly click down for neutral, and it takes a few tries. Please give me any advice for things to look at, or reasons I would still be having this issue after changing gears. Maybe the original problem is what caused third gear to break in the first place?
    • By JNM

      Acquired a used big bear 400 4x4 that would not start and debugged to compression issues. Tore down the head and determined the lower jug and piston were no good. Cleaned everything up well, got a lower new jug, piston, and all o ring / gaskets, and reassembled. Head bolts tightened to 30ft lbs which is slightly beyond spec of 29, but not grossly over.

      ATV started right up after fix, but after idling about 5 mins, I noticed a small amount of oil weeping from the front bottom of the jug; you can see occasional oil bubbling out to surface through gasket. Note: I did ensure to include the rubber o ring on the bottom of jug. I also get white smoke, which appears to be coming out the spark plug side of the head gasket. The head gasket was a 3 ply metal gasket.

      When I originally tore down the cylinder, there was black residue on all gasket mating surfaces. Should I have used a little gasket sealant on all gaskets? Everything I read seemed to indicate this should not be required. Looking for advice to help prevent these leaks assuming I tear back down and redo a second time. Thanks

    • eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

    • By Ds38371
      I’m trying to locate a manual for a 1995 Polaris sportsman 400 4x4    I’ve seen a couple for sale on eBay but the reviews for the sellers weren’t appealing so I’m hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction. I’ve bought 2 used units that had been sitting for couple years and don’t know anything about their working statuses. They’re a project surprise for my husband and our oldest grandson ( they love to fix things together) and I wanted to get the manual for them so they can start working on it right away. Thanks in advance for any help. 
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