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Workshop: Gusseting a Frame

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    • By ddiggerr
      If you look at pic closely, you can see the frame has a slight twist in it. The handle bars have been leveled and now the motor is sitting higher on the right.
      When it is sitting on all 3 wheels, the front is then lower on the right.
      What I have done is already taken in to shop and heated and pulled the majority of the bend out, however, it doesn't quite straighten.
      The down tube in front of motor looks as though it was broken by PO and welded. Should I cut this and attempt to take twist out, or do you think this is driveable the way she is?
      The difference is about an 1/8" off level at the top of steering tube with bare frame on table, but looks worse when sitting on all 3.
      Just looking for advise, before going any further.

    • By gyminis
      Ok i have acquired 2 suzuki quadrunners (1990's) with the following frame #s and info. I want to know what i have, so that i can get parts when necessary. the frame #s are jsaaj45axt210097s and the other is jsaak42a312103699. the second 1 i know is a 280cc. w an oil cooler. This is all i know about them? I really do want to know everything there is to know about these animals! automatic trans or manual? if manual how does it work,# of gears and in what pattern? As these 2 atvs will be low profile single seat aggressive rock crawlers w roll bars and seat belts! This being said I just lost the 8th life in cat terms(i should be dead) and am still in the game and will beat the odds,slower and in more control x10! I really do nee all the good and bad specs,info on every aspect of these animals that can be found or is available to date:skeptic:
    • By abnormaldope
      WHat Kind of frame is this I found it at the dump haha?

    • By Stoopidbot1
      I figured since I won't be able to ride for a while I will make some visual changes. I'm going to repaint my frame Honda red, my subframe is going to be a bright yellow along with my hubs. I will do my lower A-arms red and the upper arms will be yellow. I will keep all the plastics and wheels the same. My swingarm will be black.
      Here is what I got done today...

      Day 1

    • By Lildaisygrl18
      Things arent looking good for my frame. The steering bearing retainer nut wont budge despite efforts made by machine shops , garages with impact wrenches, and our own efforts causing us to break a 1/2 inch breaker bar and a socket wrench. SOOOOO it appears i am goin to need a new frame. so the ebay search has started. :aargh: I have gotten discouraged beyond belief but i know my honey will help me as much as he can, i think his encouragment is dwindled as well. I was sooo excited about this quad and now it just seems it has caused me more stress than it has fun. BUT when its done its gonna be my baby.
      The only way to save the frame is to cut the bolt out risking ruining the threads, in which case we would be welding a new bolt in and hopin that we dont need to replace the bearing ever again, i will keep u all updated. :aargh::no: