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  2. This may help some one else, I did as oxidized_black suggested and found that the final drive was making a bunch of grumbling noises, dis assembled the final drive and found that the pinion gear and the solid rear axle were not engaging due to the fact that the splines on both had rusted and unable to work with each other. This was due to the fact that water had entered into the housing and over time had caused this damage. In the process of researching parts and options I found out the it was a 96 and not a 98. The simple act of changing the final drive oil as suggested in the maintenance schedule suggested by Honda would have prevented this costly repair.
  3. Have been using it to plow my driveway, worked fine until about a week ago. Suddenly the front wheels are the only one engaging and the rear wheels are not. Shifts and goes forward and reverse just fine but with front wheels only. Thanks Any Ideas

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