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  2. Thanks to everyone's help I got it goin. I plugged the choke hole with a piece of an old rag and taped it there. Plugged another hole that was pushin fuel out the top, and got a spring for the air screw. Now it's just a matter of fixin the carb leak and adjusting the air screw a little bit. Thanks.
  3. I don't believe I have enough room in it. I'll probably purchase a new cable and bowl o-ring while I'm at it. Would RVT gasket maker work for a seal? I haven't cleaned the carb since this problem has happened. It doesn't have a fuel filter so it may have a clogged jet at the moment. I'll clean it tomorrow and order the cable and o ring.
  4. I don't believe that is the problem because today I got it to fire right after it died, while I took it for a ride around the yard it bogged out as soon as you give it throttle and now does it when you try to start it. Since my choke cable is broken I was able to move it around and pull it out or push it in. When I pulled it out about a quarter of the way out it would idle and then die as soon as a moved it. If you're wondering where it is broken, it is right where it screws into the carb, the threads on the cable are destroyed.
  5. Sorry for bringing back this old thread, I'm new to the sight and I'm not sure how to start my own, if I can. Anyway, I've got what I believe is a 1986 Kawasaki Bayou 300. Apparently it had a new top end put on it including a brand new cylinder and head about 6 months before it sat. Well its hard to start no matter what, once you get it started it will idle fine and you can give it full throttle and it will run fine. Well after about a minute or so it will die and I have to wait for it to cool down until I can get it started back up. The bike sat for about 3 years before it was given to me. Before it sat it ran fine, just a rusty gas tank and some bad wiring. The wiring is fixed and I have a make-shift gas tank on it now. I took the carb off and noticed that the choke cable was broken so it can't thread in, I don't think it is a problem, maybe it is, who knows. I took the carb apart and realized I was missing the spring that goes on the end of the air screw. Is this an important part or not? Are any of the problems with the carb affecting the way it runs? I intend on replacing the broken parts after I know for sure it will run correctly. HELP, PLEASE!!!

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