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  2. any idea where I can find what weight oil I need to use? I cant find the information anywhere for some reason. I have a 2010 kingquad LTA400AS 4X4
  3. I have a 2010 kingquad lta400 I was wondering if there is transmission fluid that I should replace. it was a long winter of plowing and I am changing all fluids. if there is transmission fluid what kind should I buy?
  4. I did find the clip after looking at the diagram , thank you..but is it normal to have grooves where te bearing will sit?
  5. I'm new to using forums but hope someone can help me. I Noticed the other day my rear left axle was very loose so I was going to Check the bearing and found that the whole axle just simply pulled out As though I didn't even need to remove the tire. I assume this isn't normal. Also I noticed my axle has a few rounded grooves in it were the bearing should be and he bearing is missing..is any of this normal? What should I replace?

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