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  1. does anyone know the correct valve adjustment on a 2013 400 bighorn linhai
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  3. have no idea man thats the downfall with theses machines very little information i feel they shouldnt sell a motorvehicle unless they sell a complete taredown and literature specefications shop manual so we can service and learn them ourselves guess we will have to wait tell someone decides to print one
  4. thanks dude thats a little more help but this is what ive found to b the worse proublin with these linhais is no true total shop manual for a curtain machine not enough info for a mechanic to do major work to these machines this sucks live and learn
  5. yah if i had it to do over id bought a honda or a name brand u get what u pay for but im stuck with it now luckilly im a mechanic but it seems to b hard to get good parts and any shop manueals for a 400 up linhai ///
  6. i just bought a 2013 linhai 400 bighorn 4x4 irs ok well first ive been a mechanic allmylife so far ive seen good and bad in this machine ok the front driveshaft wasnt welded correct and out of line theyve sent me 2 so far and niether is true and they whoble not precision jiged or machined ive only had it almost 3 monthes and only put 35 miles on it so far it starts and runs but has pwer like a 300 instead of a 400 warranty almost up hmm but other than odds and ends and flawes only the exsperieced would notice u get what u pay for i think linhai would b a lot better in the future once they rel

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