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  1. I Hey guys, I just picked up a TRX450R in a trade. I think it has a bad clutch, but my experience with a Manual clutch on a quad is very limited... Don't get me wrong, I can drive a manual car and have rode dirt bikes in the past... It's been a good minute on a dirt bike though. If I give it some throttle and slowly let out the clutch it seems to catch hard and stall out. Even with a decent amount of throttle. Any ideas? Could it be adjustment on the clutch in not the clutch itself? I plan to upload a link to video when I can. I'm not sure how permissions go on this forum and I may need approval 1st...
  2. New2quad


  3. Thanks, but i just don't have the time or the creative skills to take on a project like that! Does anybody know who sells em or if you have any in okay condition will buy plus shipping.
  4. I cant find replacement plastics for a yamoto 70cc quad... i have searched high and low. I appreciate and help. Thanks!
  5. I thought is was the starter solenoid, but now I'm just confused... I checked continuity at the stop/run toggle switch and it seems to fine. I checked continuity at the start button and it seems fine.. I checked continuity at the ignition and it seems fine... But, the lead the plugs into the starter solenoid does not have continuity when all are engaged? I do not see any broken or corroded wiring. Any ideas are appreciated! I'm supposed to sell this in 3 days!! Thanks everyone!!!
  6. Don't now why but the picture loaded weird. It needs to rotate 90* to the right.
  7. Can anyone help me with adjusting this carb? It's on a 70cc yamoto. It has a slow idle, so I want to start with that. Is the screw in the center of this picture the idle adjust? It has a spring around it. And the one immediately to its left (the actual screw is kinda recessed in) air/fuel mix? Thanks guys.
  8. Ok, so... I put it together, put in about a gallon of gas, added some sea foam, and jumped it with a spare deep cycle battery (the battery in it needs replaced), and it fired up. It ran for about 10 seconds & stalled out. When I went to restart my battery was dead. I guess that's good enough for tonight. I will get a new battery soon. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.
  9. That hand drawn one is nice. I'm pretty sure that clears it up. Two more questions... To test this solenoid do I just check for continuity between the two main post with the ignition on and the switch in the run position? & Does anyone have tips for tuning up a quad that has set for a couple years? Thanks.
  10. I've been doing a lot of research as quads are kind of foreign to me. I think you are right about the kill switch. Can anyone confirm this? Also the piece the guy was calling an ignition coil, is just a solenoid. I will test it tonight and hopefully get this thing fire up this weekend.
  11. I just picked up a 2004 Yamoto 70 quad in a trade (for something I was hoping to get $50 for) I am told that this is a knock off honda?... The guy I got it from said, that he thinks the ignition coil is bad... I think the problem is much simpler & that it's just not plugged in. The attached picture is of under the seat where the battery goes. The red and green obviously land on the battery terminals, but where does that square plug go? I can not find any open connectors... Could there be a small harness that's missing that also lands on the battery, and connects to this plug? Any help is appreciated.

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