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    98 arctic cat 300 4x4

    Thanks and as soon as I get a chance I will do all of that.
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    98 arctic cat 300 4x4

    I have a 98 arctic cat 300 4x4 that I bought for 300 bucks. It looks to be in great condition but the person I bought it from said it won't spark and the cdi is bad. I've read that the engine should still turn over but I'm not even getting that along with no spark even with the pull start. I'm new to 4 wheelers and thought this was a good buy. I'm getting power to the push button start and just was wondering if a bad cdi will keep the push button from turning the engine or if I have a starter problem cause the solenoid is getting power and I have power at the starter. Any suggestions would be great thanks. Hope I'm not to vague on the problems.