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  2. I think your right. Found a ground wire( i think) that had the casing melted off and the bare wire was showing. Last time i hit the start button it heated up and seperated. I since spliced together and tried the start. Again just the same buzzing sound.
  3. Hey everyone. so again no luck today with all the tips. took things apart and cleaned them, battery was charged up to the best it could be. 12.8 volts from 12.3 and 550cca up to 660cca. I think that is the cranking amps(not my area). local dealer told me the battery needs more than what mine is putting out to have the starter relay work. So its still just making a humming noise or buzzing sound from the starter relay when I push start button. Also will not turn over from the pull start. Any Ideas?
  4. thanks. I have a spare battery I can try. I will post after I try it out. Also pull start wont work.
  5. thanks. I rebuilt the starter. cleaned the carb again. put it all back together. Now pushing the start button, it now makes a humming noise. trying to cross the solenoid just clicks. checked the voltage on my battery to the solenoid, and to my starter all is fine there. any suggestions?
  6. Thanks. That would explain the gray metal filings that were all over the oil filter. Good thing i changed the oil and filter. Is getting the kit the thing to do? Is it that much for a new starter? I also noticed the ground wire that goes to the motor, is bare and smokes when i hit the electric start. Thats when the grinding noise starts. It would make sense that it sounds like the starter is trying to work. Also tried crossing the solenoid and it makes the grinding noise for a second then starts clicking. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I soaked it already. I will take it all apart this time. Also do you know if when I take off the spark plug wire, then pushing the start button, should I have spark in the wire? if so then There isn't any spark. Is this related to the bike not starting? thanks again
  8. Hi. I sunk my 97 big bear in a water hole up o the seat. I drove it home after it being in a swamp. Drove it twice since and then it wouldn't start at all. I since drained the gas, oil twice, and changed the oil filter. also changed the spark plug and air filter. It fired up on two occasions only by the pullcord.(electric start has a grinding noise at first then it starts clicking noise). Ran o for about 20 minutes each, ran very high and wouldn't throttle back too much. Electric start did work before the water hole. any help would be great to get this thing started again!

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