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  2. I was thinking about checking that but I figured if its running worse after I cleaned the carb, then I thought it was something I did. Also, with the plug removed if I hit the starter it will blow my finger off the hole.
  3. Hey everyone. I have been poking around this site for awhile and I am in need of yalls assistance. I have a 06 350 bruin. It has sat in my parents garage for about 2 years and was never started. I got it home, put fresh fuel and plug in it. It would start and run great but it wouldn't idle unless choke was on. Also when you were moving and let off the throttle it would make a pop noise down by the carb area. I thought it was a dirty carb so I sprayed some carb cleaner in it and didn't help. I removed the carb, tore it down and cleaned it. I removed the jets spraying carb cleaner and compressed air thru them. I removed the float as well and cleaned. I drilled out the plug that covers the air/fuel mixture screw. I read where the spec is two turns from fully seated. So that is where I set it at. Before I did that, I removed the screw and spring and cleaned that bore out as well. I reassembled and now I have issues. It is very hard to start, choke or no choke, and when you do get it started, you have to hold the throttle at 3/4 way to keep it running. It will run very rough at 3/4 as well. With the air filter off, while trying to start, it is blowing a lot of fuel back out into the air filter and the plug is getting fuel fouled very bad. I removed the carb again thinking I messed something up or got the float stuck but everything looked fine. I put the carb back on the second time and it didn't change a thing. I assume its something I did since its not running like it did before I tore down the carb. Can anyone please help? Thanks a lot.

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