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  2. I just bought this 300 2wd and I don't know much about working on them. I have the service manual and the owners manual from online downloads but... Hoping I could get some help please: 1) Pretty sure I am just going to have to but a new carb but see what you all have to say. When it is cold I have to shoot some starter fluid on the air cleaner. Choke cable seems to be sticking and not working. Once the quad is warmed up I don't need any more starting fluid it will start on its own but the big issue is it will not idle. I have to keep giving it just a little bit of throttle. I took the carb off but could not get the choke cable out the carb and someone has already stripped the 4 heads on the screws holding the bowl on. Cheapest place to buy a carb? Any other ideas? 2) Shifts really hard through all gears. Pulling the shifter up with my foot is hard but when it shifts it wants to slam into gear and actually jerk the quad. If your going with a little bit of speed it wants to pull the front tires up a little. Any ideas? 3) Pulls to the right terrible. Tire pressure is good. Nothing looks physically bent, arms, t-rods nothing. If I adjust the t-rods should I turn the right side in toward the center of the quad to get it to pull more to the left to even it out? Thank you for your help. Tim

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