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  2. i just got a 2015 sportsman 570 and found out that it does not like water.. i went through about a foot of water the other day and the air filter got wet and covered with mud. Does anybody have any ideas as to correct this problem.. looking forward hearing form you Thanks
  3. I've taken the rocker cover off the motor I see that the timing chain goes all the way down to the crank how can I take the top end up with the chain well I need special tools and what with the torques specs be. I appreciate any input I can get
  4. Thanks for your help I'll look at it again. I probably will end up going just for the normal shut off valve on it
  5. I just bought this quad having an issue with the valve for the fuel. When I got the quad I could not turn the valve at all. I take it apart when it's turned to the on position or reserve I get no fuel The only way I can get you a lot of it is the vacuum or remove the spring on the diaphragm. If I remove the spring fuel flows freely matter what the setting is. Can this be rebuilt or is put together wrong

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