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  1. Check out this link to ATV Rider.com. This is the only article I've been able to find on the new Honda TRX 700: 2008 Honda TRX 700XX IRS Sport ATV Test Ride Review - Press Intro According to the article, the Honda TRX 700 is the fastest ATV they have ever tested.
  2. One thing about the fuel injected units is that you can buy a programer to control the air/fuel mixture. I installed a Doback controller on my Rincon which allowed me to program 5 different parameters. Great when your riding at 8,000 foot elevations like I do in the mountains, then come back down to the coast....
  3. Your right trailblazer. Guess we all have our own opinions. As stated earlier, it's pretty hard to go wrong with any of the top end quads we have been referring to.
  4. Wow, sweet picture. Guess the solid rear axle would be better around corners and lighter as well.
  5. Yeah, just before the motor blows up.....
  6. According to the California Resources Board, the Honda TRX 700 outs 53 HP at the crank. This compares favorably with the Raptor 700 at 46.9, and the mighty KFX700 V Twin at 48.8. I'm sure that HMF will also come out with a nice pipe/ moffler combo with a Doback controller for the TRX 700. I put this combo on my Rincon 680 along with a free flow air filter, and it really worked well.
  7. Hey Racegun, anybody you know talking about the new Honda TRX 700 sport quad with IRS? I ride a Honda Rincon 680 now, but want something a little lighter and faster. My only other choice would be the Raptor 700, but since I ride in the woods a lot, I would prefer the IRS.
  8. I"VE GOT IT: you can either buy a HONDA, or an Outlaw 525. However, if you buy the Outlaw, be sure to bring a fire extinguisher, tool kit and plenty of spare parts. I've owned a 2004 Honda 250, 2004 Rincon 600, and recently a 2006 Rincon 680. NEVER a breakdown, fire, spun bearing or any other problem. I don't care if it's a lawn mower, generator, car, motorcycle or ATV, HONDA ROCKS!
  9. Thanks for the offer Crazycat, but I'm riding at Carnagie Thursday. I'd like to get down to Hollister before it gets too dusty though. What happened to the spring showers? A little rain would do wonders for spring riding!!!
  10. I've had 6 different quads over the last five years and each has it's own personality. Guess it just depends on what type of riding you do.... The Outlaw is very innovative, but I'm still leaning towards the new Honda TRX 700. Anybody out there have one? Looks like Honda's answer to the Outlaw.
  11. No offence intended BillyBuck. Just repeating what I heard from other owners. I've owned four Honda ATV's over the past several years, beat the heck out of them and never had any problems. I can't say the same about any other manufacturer....
  12. I know the Outlaw is fast, but Polaris is not exactly known for building a reliable machine like Honda is. If you are going to buy one, be sure to bring some extra parts when you ride, and let somebody know where you are riding just in case you get STRANDED! I've heard more than one rider complain about difficulty shifting the Outlaw, and that the front wheel bearings are crap. The seats even come "wired on" from the factory since Polaris can't figure out how to attach them to the frame properly. I'm selling my 2006 Honda Rincon 680 in favor of a new Honda TRX 700. If you want to buy a killer utility quad, let me know.... HONDA ROCKS
  13. I'm in Livermore and have been to Hollister Hills several times. It's much better than Carnagie, but much further from Livermore as well. I ride a Honda Rincon 680 with several mods, but am looking at either a Raptor 700 or new Honda TRX 700 sport quad with IRS.

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