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  2. Hey everyone, I'm new here but stumbled upon the site and I will be posting in the future!! I just recently bought this four wheeler and it was my first atv purchase. I got a pretty good deal as it just needed some TLC and I'm a student on a budget. I really need some help with my carb and I am completely stumped. I bought a rebuild kit because the needle valve was leaking by when the engine was off and causing it to overflow. I rebuilt the whole carb, put it back on and the thing was idling high. Found out later this was because I had the throttle hooked up wrong but I got that corrected. I thought something was wrong with the carb itself so I broke it down and went back through it. The one piece I hadn't changed was the "main nozzle" as it's called on the parts diagram. The throttle needle goes through this before it goes to the jet tube. Well I messed up the new one trying to install it because it would seat into the carb good and ended up having to put the old one back in it. It was a little messed up where I had to drive it out, but just slightly and worked with it for a few and got it back right. I got everything right and put the carb back on and now I'm having a big problem... I cannot get the thing to take any fuel. It will barely idle and if I give it any throttle at all it cuts off. I have taken it off and cleaned it 5 times, made sure the pilot screw was adjusted out to 1 1/4 turns, and it had the correct float height (21-22mm). Also it appears the bowl is getting a decent amount of fuel because every time I take it off and some fuel leaks out of the vent tube there is still a lot of fuel in the bowl. So now I'm just confused and don't know where to turn next... Sorry for all the details but I just wanted to give someone enough info to possible help me! Even if you can't I would appreciate if you could direct me to someone who possibly can! I would appreciate any advice at all!! Thanks again.

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