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  1. Hey all, My Dad's birthday is coming up fast, and I've been wanting to fix his Warrior for him. While he was at SEMA I've gotten almost all of the work done, and now I've hit the last item to fix: the carb. I am so close to having this thing running, but now that I need to take the float bowl off, it won't come. The screws are almost all threaded, I've WD-40'd the shit out of it... It seems like someone had once thread-locked them in. If anyone has any tips to try, that'd be great... but my bigger question is where can I find a new carb for it online? I don't mind buying a new one, it'd probably make him happier, but If I could get this thing running before his birthday it'd be great. Thanks in advance :cheers2c:
  2. I've got a 1983 Honda ATC 110 that I'd picked up for $50 and got running. After going riding with a couple friends who had snorkeled their quads, they rode through the creek and I had to go around it. My question is, if I were to snorkel it, what would I do about the pull start? is it possible to seal it? even if it was just a cork I wedged in after starting haha

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