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  1. can i ruin anything by lightly driving it and does the engine have to come out for this ill get the pdf
  2. 250 rwd timberwolf 1993 i checked the bolts and they are tight. anyone have this issue and did they install new gasket with engine in-frame?
  3. thnc dtb. I had another person suggest the 1 way bearing clutch? does that sound right?
  4. just bought a 91 big bear 4x4. if i go too fast it locks up and the rear wheels will not turn. if i put it in reverse and back up a bit it "resets it" and i can keep going. does this sound like a tranny issue? diff issue? or transfer case issue? i will tear it down but if you guys have an inkling of what could cause this issue it would give me a place to start regards, VikingTrad3r.

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