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  1. Just replying here again. The reverse light is all good fixed. The main issue of only starting in gear is not solved. im not super skilled at reading wiring diragrams nor troubleshooting wiring. i thought i had it narrowed down to a relay. ordered the relay but still not fixed. quad will still ONLY start if the neutral light is off. It is starting in gear, but wont start in neutral. is it possible that a wire is reversed somewhere? seeing as it is doing the opposite of what is supposed to be doing.
  2. i tested the reverse position indicator light socket/receptacle and its showing 12.4 volts. the little bulbs i put in were rated for 2.4 volts. so i think that explains why they glowed very bright for a second then burnt out. so does anyone know where i can get a real reverse indicator light? it would be the same as the neutral light id imagine
  3. switches are functioning properly. ive discovered something else. the reverse indicator light bulb is mia. so was the reverse switch. installed rev switch. had s bulb laying around, blew rev i dicator bulb immediately. bulb mau be too wussy though anybody know where i get a replacement bulb? this is for the little red bulb the actual bulb
  4. thnx. yeah i looked in my manual got the wiring diagram and it looks like its got to be in the relay. something is reversed in the relay. will inspect. wont be surprised if a bubba messed with it
  5. im back with more info. first, the reason it felt like i could shift below neutral is because the shifter leaver was loose. thats fixed. but the main issue remains: here is an update, 1. the reverse indicator switch is broken down on the left side of trans. i dont think that affects the starting circut though. ive ordered the switch. 2. it WILL START if its in neutral, but only i have the neutral switch unplugged. IE, the neutal light is OFF. so something about the neutral light being ON when im in neutral, stops the quad from starting. its like there something reversed somewhere. the quad is ONLY. supposed to start when the neutral light is on but instead it will only start when its off.
  6. picked up my third timberwolf 250 for my daughters. these are great light weight little quads. have a strange one for you. the quad will NOT start in neutral. it will start in first. if i lift up on the gear selector just enough to hear the little click (its not loud, sounds like a contact clicking, perhaps the neutral safety switch?) the light will go out, but it won't yet be in first either. that is how i have shown my daughter to start it and she can. id like to carry out whatever repair is needed. i have the pdf of the shop manual but it doesn't really have a flow through diagram. any help appreciated! thank you. i need to add something. it feels like i can switch into another gear BELOW neutral. so if i switch to neutral, i can keep pushing the gear selector, and it has another click below the neutral. the light stays on, and when i pull up into first it kind of feels like it has two positions it moves through to arrive at first.
  7. can i ruin anything by lightly driving it and does the engine have to come out for this ill get the pdf
  8. 250 rwd timberwolf 1993 i checked the bolts and they are tight. anyone have this issue and did they install new gasket with engine in-frame?
  9. thnc dtb. I had another person suggest the 1 way bearing clutch? does that sound right?
  10. just bought a 91 big bear 4x4. if i go too fast it locks up and the rear wheels will not turn. if i put it in reverse and back up a bit it "resets it" and i can keep going. does this sound like a tranny issue? diff issue? or transfer case issue? i will tear it down but if you guys have an inkling of what could cause this issue it would give me a place to start regards, VikingTrad3r.

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