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  1. View File 1993-2005 Honda TRX90 Service Manual 1993-2005 TRX90 Service Manual Submitter teelee1 Submitted 11/16/2018 Category Honda ATV
  2. I am a Honda guy myself. If you can find a Rancher even a older 350 thats not beat to death for that price.....get it
  3. At the bottom of the engine in the rear where the Reverse cable goes down to there is a lever attached to that cable. Put it reverse and see if that cable is moving the lever far enough. If not you can adjust it from the top left section of the cable with the threaded part of the cable.
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    1993-2005 TRX90 Service Manual
  5. That tube at the bottom has a one way check valve. Thats probably what you seeing and that is an overflow vent. That is overflowing because your seat and fuel bowl is probably clogged with gunk and thats the cause for both the drivability and the fuel leaking. Remove the carburetor disassemble it and clean it. Or get a nee carburetor
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