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  2. besides the body that looks like what i just bought. my plastics and general overall look is of a baja150, however from what i am learning, there are a lot of places that change the plastics and name on the same bike. check out the baja150 manual to see if it looks like yours. http://manuals.monsterscooterparts.com/recreational/Baja/ATVs/parts/baja-parts-catalog-BA150-ATV-VIN-prefix-LLCL.pdf if so i could use your help for a misc part that i need to figure out where it attaches!
  3. this air tube just sticks out, port on the other side of it needs to go somewhere but i cant find it! it attaches to this. quad runs ok, boggs at 1/4 throttle, but i havent cleaned the carb and service it yet. just got it a week ago, and havent had tome to fool around yet, besides seeing how it runs. still need to touch up some things on it, but this part is stumping me.
  4. hey guys! just picked up a couple of small chinese quads for my kids. they need some work, so i will likely be picking your brains! i have a honda Grizzly 450 for my work quad around the house, and have built a motorcycle and do all my own auto work, so i am mechanically inclined. so thanks in advance for any help you provide!

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