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  2. What engine is on it? If the parts you need are for the engine only then it should be easy. What all do you need and try to tell us which engine it has or take a photo of it and post so we can see.
  3. I have put all of the wiring diagrams into a single PDF file to make life a little more simple and for some reason there was a 97 kb limit on .zip files this time and it was 30 mb in my first post. Here is what is included: Wiring Diagrams 4 Pin CDI Wiring Diagram Chinese ATV.jpg 4 Wire wo Battery HIJPG 4_wire_Electric_Start_Wiring_Diagram_HI.jpg 5 Pin CDI Wire Diagram.jpg 5 Wire Cdi Wiring Diagram1.jpg 5_wire_Lifan_Wiring_041605_HI.jpg 6 Pin CDI Wire Diagram.jpg 6V-System.jpg 49Cc Engine Diagram.jpg 50cc150cc Moped GY6 Wire Diagram.jpg 150Cc Go Kart Wiring Diagram1.jpg People150_Wire_Harness.jpg AC and DC 6 Pin CDI Wire Schematics.jpg BuYang ATV 50 Wiring Diagram C Type.jpg BuYang ATV 50 Wiring Diagram.jpg BuYang ATV 70 Wiring Diagram B Type.jpg BuYang ATV 90 Wiring Diagram.jpg BuYang ATV110 Wiring Diagram.jpg BuYang ATV 300 Wiring Diagram.jpg cdi-02.jpg Chinese ATV110 Wiring Diagram5 pin CDI.jpg Chinese ATV110 Wiring Diagram.jpg Diagram 150cc.jpg dratv_2136_58469548.jpg E22 Engine - Chinese Engine Manuals - Wiring Diagram.jpg electrical Circuit For 88cc 110cc 125cc 138cc and the 140cc.jpg engine-wireJPG GY6 Cdi Wiring Diagram.jpg GY6 Engine - Chinese Engine Manuals - Wiring Diagram.jpg LIFAN 150 wiring .jpg Panther ATV110bc Wiring Diagram (BUYANG).jpg Panther ATV110pl Wiring Diagram.jpg PIRANHA150CC ENGINE DIAGRAM.pdf PW50 WIRING DIAGRAMS.jpg PW80 WIRING DIAGRAMS.jpg Redcat ATV MPX110 Wiring Diagram old style.jpg Redcat ATV MPX110 Wiring Diagram.jpg Roketa ATV110 Wiring Diagram.jpg Roketa ATV 200 Wiring Diagram.jpg Roketa ATV 250 Wiring Diagram.jpg ROKGK-01--KTR-150A--WIRING.pdf ROKGK-11--KSX-90--wlRING.pdf ROK-GK17--KTX-110--WIRING.pdf ROKGK19---KTB-250W---WIRING.pdf ROKGK-28W--WIRING.pdf Scooter CDI Wiring Diagram.png STOCK CRF 50 CDI PIN.jpg SunL ATV 250 Wiring Diagram.jpg Troble Shooting No Spark for 5 PIN CDI Only.txt Verticle_engine_wiring_diagram_HI.jpg Wiring Colors That Dont Match Up Help.txt Wiring Diagram for Baja 110cc ATVs.jpg Wiring Diagram for Baja 150cc ATVs.jpg Wiring Diagram for Baja 250cc ATVs.jpg Wiring Diagrams for Lifan 200cc Engine.jpg Wiring Diagrams for Lifan 250cc Engine1.jpg XZ155Wiring.jpg Yamoto ATV 250 Wiring Diagram.jpg Z155WiringCloseup.jpg Zongshen 250cc Atv Wiring Diagram 2.jpg Zongshen 250cc Atv Wiring Diagram.jpg ZS155WIRING-NEW.JPG ZS-LIFAN150-WIRING-LARGE-BLACK-CDI.png _____________________________________________________________ YUN BA Alarm/Remote Start/Remote Kill Install and Wiring Guide Yun BA Remote Start Guide.pdf All Wiring Diagrams.pdf
  4. Here is what I have collected over the years and maybe it will help someone else. There are so many and several are too large to upload as attachments, so see any thing you need just shoot me a PM and your email and I will get them on the way to you as fast as I can. Thanks 50cc to150cc Service Manual For Tank Motorsports.pdf linhai-atv-service-manuals-linhai-300-parts-manual.pdf 1986 CH250 ELITE SERVICE MANUAL.pdf Charging and ignition systems for atvs.pdf Chinese ATV Frame Diagram.jpg Chinese ATV Repair Shop Manual - Clutch Diagram - Exploded Views.jpg Chinese ATV Repair Shop Manual - Cylinder Head Diagrams.jpg Chinese ATV Repair Shop Manual - Torque Specifications.jpg Chinese ATV Repair Shop Manual - Valve Clearances.jpg Dinli-501-PARTS-DINONP.pdf Dinli-601-Parts2003BEAST-DIAMONDBACKNP.pdf Dinli-DL-5015erviceManual.pdf Dinli-DL-502PartsManual.pdf Dinli-DL-5025erviceManual.pdf Dinli-DL-503PartsManual.pdf Dinli-DL-601,DL-603ServiceManual.pdf Dinli-DL-603PartsManual.pdf Dinli-DL-604PartsManual.pdf Dinli-DL-701PartsManual.pdf Dinli-ServiceManual-150ccATV.pdf DTE150-2-150cc.pdf Eagle ATV Fender Body Parts Exploded Diagram.jpg Eagle ATV Rear Axle - Exploded Diagram.jpg GY6_150cc_ENGINE_PARTS_157QMJ_.jpg GY6_Top_End_Rebuild.pdf Leopard-parts.pdf Linhai_260servicemanual.pdf Odes-400-Repair.pdf Piston Ring Installation 4 Stroke Engines.jpg Roketa-ATV-10(ATV-DO43)-Repair.pdf Roketa-ATV-11(ATV-D037)-Repair.pdf SLA-120-PARTS.pdf SLGK-110-PARTS.pdf SLGK-150R-PARTSMANUAL.pdf SLGK-400R-PARTS.pdf SLU-500-600-700-PARTS.pdf slu700db-700UTV-Service-Manual.pdf tao-tao-atv-parts-cylinder-rebuild-kit-for 90cc-100cc-110cc-engines-p-13331.pdf Trouble Shooter Guide for BATTERY DRAINED Chinese Engines.txt Trouble Shooter Guide for NO-COMPRESSION.txt Trouble Shooting No Crank.txt Troubleshooting.pdf YX125CC BREAKDOWN.pdf _________________________________________________________________________________ 50 to 150cc GY6 Shop Manual.pdf Arrow 150 Engine Service Manual.pdf Eton Shop Manual YXT-150.pdf GY6 Shop Manual.pdf Yerf Dog Spiderbox GX150 Service Manual.pdf

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