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  2. Busglinger, I did not get transmission fluid on the rubber unless that was what was inside the boot when it slipped off. As to know why or how it came off, I have not a clue. The rubber did not crack or bust. I did pressure wash the motor just before riding it the last time. Since you mentioned the transmission fluid, if the boot is not suppose to have oil inside, then probably the transmission seal has gone bad and cause fluid to leak into the boot and that is how it got oil inside the boot. And possibly it is transmission fluid. Thanks for your help. Please, anyone else have any ideas, please advise. Is there no one else that knows anything about this issues that can help me????????????????
  3. My boot on the drive shaft came off this weekend. When I tried to put it back on it appeared to be about 2" too large. Any explanations???? Also when the boot cam off, there was oil in the boot. Is this normal??? Thanks for your help.

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