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  1. Damn... When did this happen ? This one pic rule Sorry
  2. I really don't know how they are. Fredrik (one in picture) is bragging about them all time. There are places he goes and we other stay behinde.
  3. Yesterday (3 may) In Arendal Norway. Fredrik had some fun at Haugereid.
  4. Hi Alaskasunrise. Around Christmas 2008 I was at some gathering with 4 wheelers in a place called Rudskogen in Norway. I took some pictures over there, and when I got back home something was missing on one picture. After a while I figured out what it was. Rider in this picture is missing right arm. On my original picture, I can zoom in where thumb throttle is. It’s not there. I guess it’s on left side. That person was riding all day together with all of us (80-90 riders). Good to hear your disabled don’t stop you from riding Runar.
  5. Well, i did it again:sifonec: two day`s ago i ordered the Buena Vista, Colorado atv historical color tour (september 2009) I hope i will meet some of you folks from this forum this year. This time im bringing a good friend from Norway up there.
  6. well. :dammit: maybe im not so lucky after all Its ok, i can read them in september when i get to Colorado
  7. THIS IS NOT A ENTRY. Anyway, i'm posting it so u all can see. Source of picture Dagbladet newspaper I don't know who this is. it's a picture i took at Bonanza outside Buena Vista Colorado @ fall color tour 2008 THIS IS MY ENTRY Just to prove
  8. :norwayflag: I'm usually not a winner type, I guess I was standing in the front of the lineup, when they passed out winner luck. (Door hit me when they open it) Thanks to everyone that voted for my picture in January contest. This time im a winner Have a nice day folks
  9. i almost forgot this round. Picture taken in colorado somewhere.
  10. Merry Christmas from Norway to all my QC friends. God Jul og Godt Nytt År.
  11. Picture from the Denmark trip spring 2008. Host by Arendal ATV Norway
  12. Can someone tell me. Did polaris change from inch to metric ? I have a friend that claim all nuts and bolts are metric on a Polaris X2 2008, but i don't think that. (i guess u guys love that stupid meassuring to much)
  13. We don't know yet (working on it) No. But we do have some kids i like to refer to as "problem" We found all the parts in the area around the bike, Hellmet and a pair of glows are missing Not sure. Some witness told me around 15-20 year Welcome to Norway. Cops don't have shotgunB.T.W We are calculating damage on bike to around $3500 (new bike cost $17600)
  14. Last weekend some as¤#le stole a Can-Am Outlander from the backyard at a friend of mine. We was outside and went in for 3 minutes when two young guys blocked the doorway and went off with the 4 wheeler. Some few hours later we found it 3-4 mile in the woods. Well picture tell more then 1000 words (that's value for a foringer) First picture is "rescue team" This is where we found it Rescue operation way back down to civilization I guess some of u will understand this :shoot:Forbannede møkkaunger, skulle knekt begge armene på drittungene:smackbum:
  15. This is Mannen (the man) we got stuck so many times:biggrin: we had to use 3 winch to get something to hold to in this area.

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