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  1. What can you do for my almost stock V FORCE. RICK
  2. I am looking for flattrack racing for 2010 FL. Ga. Al. Sc. Nc. Tn. Ky. I would like to plan ahead for 2010.
  3. That souds like racing to me If your spending money you must not be racing. ALL THROTTLE NO BOTTLE
  4. Flat Sideways Racing All Throttle No Bottle
  5. I have a deal on 4 different tires if we get four sets this is the actual cost. 59 x 8 x 10 D25 $ 60.00 61 x 8 x 10 D10 $ 65.00 63 x 8 x 10 D25 $ 65.00 61 x 10 x 10 D25 $ 65.00 We can also get any tire you want that Hoosier sells for a reduced rate. call me at 770 599 9753 OR 678 201-2495 my cell # Rick McELroy I am not making money on these only trying to help the # of racers at the track. this will be a BLAST if we get the numbers up on race dates.If I get enough people to order tires you could save 2.50 to 3.00 a tire off the above prices do to s
  6. You can get cheap neck protectors Like a haunns device like Nascar drivers wear A good top flight one runs about $650.00 Down to $160.00 then they have one that hooks to your chest protecter For about 45.00 It is worth it.
  7. WE need everone to show up to all of the races to run a good series tell all your friends. I have hoosier tires if any one needs some.
  8. I have been here for two days in Al. waiting for the race & all its done is RAIN.
  9. I finally found the address to the track. I will be leaving here in about an hour & will see you all at the track saturday night. If you would bring me a set of rules & race dates for the rest of the year. Thanks Rick
  10. How many racers do you have in each division that are chasing the points? Or how many bikes show up for a points race at marbury in each class ? I have some people interested in your series & they dont want to travel that far if you dont have enough entries in thier classes. Also we need your rules ? are they the same as ama?
  11. I need the address to the track in mabury & the name so I can reserve A camp ground site close by with full hookups. Any help would be great.
  12. Ok thanks. If you would send it to me April 5th that would work great. Rick
  13. Thanks for the info. can you send me your race dates & times & what track you are going to be at so I can come to your races ?
  14. When & where are you racing next as I would like to come watch a flat track race before I biuld one?

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