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  2. Do you think that I need to lube rollers? Could lower compression or lack of engine power cause the clutch not to move out? I'm going to check compression and run it up on a jack to see if it will engage without the wheels touching the ground today and let you know what i find.
  3. That's the clutch with the rollers. I cleaned the rollers and the cage. I didn't see any flat spots. The plates did have some rust on them. Could a stretched belt cause this?
  4. I bought this LTZ-50 for $50 and it didn't run. I changed the oil, ultrasonic cleaned the carb, new air filter and now it starts. The idle is high and I have not been able to change that with the throttle stop screw or the air/fuel mix screw. It smokes a white smoke and it won't move. I am not sure if the belt is stretched, clutches are bad, drive shaft and counter shaft are stripped. I really have no clue. Any help would be great Here is a video of it at idle and here is a video of it going from idle to full throttle. I am sure it is something simple but I am stumped!

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