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  1. Thanks for the info..do any stores sell that? like home depot, walmart ? and would ruffing up the surface to be able to paint them make them look rough or bad? I still want the smooth clean look
  2. Recently talked to a friend and he said paint wont work on the rims at all..I cant see how they wouldnt..But i dont wanna spend money on powdercoat..not worth it
  3. No offense to wheeler but the weld breaking all the time doesnt make too much sense..considering almost everything on the bikes brand new are welded and dont break..so its gotta be some kind of fault in the weld
  4. Hopefully i'll have my quad by fathers day
  5. Hah yeah those are another pair i was considering..there about the same price too..i might go with those instead..i like the heel gaurd better also , thanks K what if say this is stock (its not but lets pretend) ..lets say he moved that part where the shock attaches down an inch..welded it up nice..anyone think thatd work? heres pic
  6. I was thinkin bout that or spacers but..see we made this jump at my friends house..lol and everyone has bottomed out SOO bad..and other than that no other big jumps but i dont wanna take the risk of busting a link or spacers..Id prob get spacers before a link tho..i dunno..which would be stronger? ..Hm..friend has a welding machine at his house and his dad/bro know how to weld....anyone ever thought maybe i could weld the link somehow to where it wont move..but still allow everything else (a-arms shocks etc) to move how they would normally? Thinking about it i dont think its possible but u never know OOR oh snap..what if i got him to weld me a new ..bracket think onto the a-arm like a inch down below where the shock would normally sit ..and just hook it to that...? eh eh
  7. Thanks and..hm..would i need a full exhaust for the hrc kit? If i got hrc kit i could scratch cams and just go with a slip on hmf since the hrc kit comes with the header pipe..and i dont need mxr6s, those ebay guys look like a great deal but i wanna get some smaller tires ..1 for acceleration and 2 to lower the bike..thats why i wanted either 19 all around or 18 back 19 front..i SUPPOSE i could go with 20 fronts..i dunno tho... my friend has a yfz with 19 all around holeshots and it sits nice and low and as for the nerf bars..i think they look the best and i wont go with anything other than black..unless someone has a diff nice cool brand of nerf bars that are more reeliable in black? But for a few months (probly around that) i'll just try to do the best job possible (multiple coats + clear coat) on the bumper and rims..my first mod will be nerf bars and second will be jet kit with baffle and lid removed..then exhaust then filter kit....or hrc then exhaust..not sure yet
  8. Ya those are what i want..imma go with either 19s all around or 19 fronts 18 backs..I was never a "topped out" type of person/rider...and all my friends have faster bikes anyways so theres no point to racing full speed..i want more acceleration. And i want smaller tires to lower the bike..i love wide/low bikes that feel really stable..and cant afford a-arms lol EDIT: Found Holeshot MXR6's 19 fronts 18 backs on black ITP wheels for like 500$ ..Imma go with that unless anyone knows a cheaper site Just put my ultimate mod list together for kicks and...depression of cost lol Tires (listed above) - 500$ Black Ac Pro Peg Nerfs - 250$ Hmf black sport exhaust with blue vortex tip - 500$ jet kit - 50$ filter kit - 100$ stage 2 hot cams - around 180$ Final Cost - *tear* 1580$...
  9. Great responses, and yeah i wont be doing hardly any trail riding at all..lots of woods around here..no trails..i just ride open fields..and friends house which is a big open farm..and rocky mountain sells black wheels but not the size for the trx Combo at motosport is so expensive..for like holeshots on black t-9 rims is like 320 for 2 rims on 2 tires..all the combos for 2 rims 2 tires at rocky mountain were like 200 but cant get black t-9s at rocky mountain only chrome
  10. lol wait..line-x on your rims? ..thats weird but..creative! interesting..i dont wanna spend more than like 20-40 bucks tho..i'll try to just get some spray paint and clean them really good spray a few thin layers and some clear coat..thats what most people have said works best..chrome is just so ugly on the all black bikes why must they do it?! Where can you buy black rims? Havent seen any on any of the online dealers..maybe im not looking hard enough? Just so strapped for money right now..have to pay for half my bike..and gonna get nerfs and exhaust and hrc before i do wheels..just chrome is ..UUUGH thx for responses btw lol
  11. Id say its a good idea for one of them if your the type of person who doesnt know if you'd like atvs or not..test the ground you know? Get the feel and eventually move up
  12. As soon as I get my atv i wanna spray paint the rims black..all black bike with chrome wheels (wtf?) so anyways..does anyone know any good preperations i should take to make it last as long as possible and look good and what brand spray paint would be the best..just wanna spray paint until i can afford new rims..which wont be for a while I would powdercoat them because I dont think its TOO expensive for rims but as soon as I get some money im getting like 19s all around..or 18s back 19 front so imma need new rims anyways
  13. Well..found out my cities tax rate is 9% soo..can i register my bike in a cheaper city? lol..seriously
  14. I'd add that up if I knew exactly what was put into the bike..lol like a 3 gallon tank so like 18 lbs + ..you dont put in a gallon of oil do you? My friend said around 390 curb weight sounded about normal..i feel little better about that now..i just hope i can find a blue/black one in stock
  15. Wouldn't do any good because you don't pay sales tax in any state but your own..but when you bring it back to your state to register it you pay tax
  16. coolant, oil, fuel etc weighs 40 lbs? Wow ..i had no idea..if thats true i may be after one..found one for 6200 and darn kfx450s are only going down to 6999 .+ i LOVE the blue/black trxs..i'll have to find out this whole weight thing. Thanks for replies
  17. Short note..does anyone know why the hell the 2008 trx450er weighs 390 lbs? what is up with that?!
  18. Where can I find out how much the sales tax is? Ive seen some dealers advertise like 6% in other states..my local kawasaki dealership said 9% for them..but is that 9 for louisiana? Because i think im going to buy a bike out of state..so id have to pay 9 instead of what ever mississippis sales tax is?
  19. I found a ds450 (unfortunatly its not a kfx ) but its really cheap..like 6000..which some people may think is alot but no one goes down that much around here..can anyone tell me how much tax and title/license would be? Im guessing shipping would be around 350 but would a dealer ship it to me in louisiana? Even after shipping/tax/title/license its still like 600$ cheaper than buying a kfx right by my house. EDIT..found a kfx for 6200 with free shipping..oh snap..too bad my parents dont sign for the sale of house till next thursday..and ends in 4 days..AHH why !!! k scratch that anyways ..says paperwork has to be done in dealership and i live like ..800 miles from it -.- x2EDIT: found a 07 brand new honda 450 for 5699...good 200 miles but thats nothin for the price..tempting.
  20. I probably have the shortest story but..my best friend got a yfz in 06..then recently (month or 2 ago) another best friend got a raptor 700..then another one got a ltr450..then another got a ltr450..but ive always been obsessed and addicted to atvs..thats why I know more about all of them than any of my friends (even tho they ride better ofc) ..so its finally time to get an atv now that financial matters have fallen into place..KFX450R FO LYFE!
  21. Nah..i thought about it but i dont want that responsibility..i just wanna be able to go out and ride and have fun when ever
  22. ex is nice but i really wanted efi and love how the kfx looks and since i will be paying for it i want what i truly want. I'll be riding track and trails..theres pretty much no tracks around here but me and some friends made one on my friends farm so i love powersliding jumpin etc..not that great of trails around here but i'll do that too!
  23. Calm down..pssh..Ive been trying to get a four wheeler for the past 4 years..its allbeen bottled up for this 1 moment.. :partyc: :cheers2c: :hurrayc: :drool5c: :leghump: :bday2: :ola:

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