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  1. Omg so gay..Its 1 pm..im at home..I was supposed to be in mississippi riding today..my parents said i could go with my friend..ride allday with our quads..then i realize you have to be 18 or have adult supervision to ride there. And your gaurdian has to sign the waiver with a staff member there..RUINED ANOTHER WEEKEND..Im Soo pissed
  2. Omg i've looked ALL over the internet..I have the issue hre..Sept 07. Project Honda Quad in quad magazine. Fatboy pipe, pc'd blue with rep tip, pro armor nerfs/bumper/grab bar all pc'd candy red, razr2s all around on pc'd candy red omf beadlocks, elka all around, ice cube 522cc, +3 stem +3 a-arms, flexx bars, fullbore plastics, bullet headlights Even the swingarm is powdercoated a dark blue. Its so nice., upper a-arms are candy red lower are blue.
  3. If my parents let me and my friend take a trip to mississippi, it will truly be an awsome weekend.
  4. Cant believe no one listed it yet, cant find pics but they had a HOLY CHIT nice 450r modded in a quad magazine a few months ago..thing was SOO fine..ice cube engine, full omf beadlocks, nerfs, bumper EVERYTHING was redone on bike and it was all powdercoated red and blue..had to be atleast 10 grand in the bike..elkas and all
  5. My offset is stock lol..I think thats 3+2 right? And can u flip the rims without any modifications ? Just to flip em to transport.. Or i guess i gotta get abigger truck "Mom..Dad..my four wheeler dont fit in the truck buy me a bigger one" lol I was thinkin when i eventually get the spair cash..(..would be a while since im paying for the quad) I'd buy a little trailer just for the size of my four wheeler..or maybe 2 for a friends or something..would look stupid pulling a trailer and a quad with a truck ..but itd be so much easier and faster
  6. Eh, but i dont want them to be like that all the time so i'd have to take em off..put em on..take em off put em on etc..and ..wheel well = 42 inches..trx = 46? ..would i really lose 4 inches by switching rims And to stoopid, I'll try wut u said next time. My parents said when they picked it up (I wasnt with em) the guy at the dealer rode it up the ramp..stalled it right in the middle (lol) and hit the break started it back up and rode it the rest of the way
  7. LOL you make it sound so easy stoopid..I spent like 45 minutes trying to do that the first time i loaded it..I was sweating bullets in like 95 degree weather....Thats when im like ..F IT and nailed it up rode over the wheel wells and slammed on the breaks..the truck was bobbing back and forth for like 20 seconds..and i am not doing that again lol.. And i believe from wheel well to wheel well its about 42 ish inches..with line-x..the overall width of bed is like 47 itches..but the freakin wheel wells screw me over.. And to mwke, I can push it up the ramps fine..then the front tires hit the wheel wells and turn and then its hell from there..are you saying push it in from the back of the quad in first? I still dont think itd fit.. Also..riding it up is damn hard..it ALWAYS stalls and dies when i try to go up..i can only nail it up to keep it from dying<-Shuld i be riding the clutch in first to get it up the ramps?
  8. I need suggestions..My 450r is a pain in the you know what to load because its just too wide for my truck (colorado) and the tires have to wedge between the wheel wells to fit..and its pretty much impossible to load unless theres atleast 2 people there.
  9. Makes total sense..just gotta keep it movin because when it hurts really bad i just bare the pain and stretch it for like 5 minutes and it eventually lightens
  10. Here is what i read..and believe its true becuz..when ever i sit around and just stretch my thumb it actually starts to feel better..the long its in 1 position..say in a brace..the more it hurts..and what i read was that ligaments and tendons or w/e dont have alot of blood flow so they heal faster with higher activity rather than rest like muscles..so basically just gotta stretch it everyday and its feeling better lately..even tho its been raining 4 days straight
  11. Gah..I live in louisiana..it rains and is constantly over 90 degrees all the time..ITS RAINIGN NOW..3rd day in a row..give me a break!
  12. Very true, and yeah im waiting on the right time to talk to my boss about hours during school. I just never see him hardly
  13. yeah I suppose everyones right i kinda knew itd never heal 100%.unfortunatly and ..its the left hand lol..(THANK GOD!), Imma get some more comfortable grips and pray that the fact that it has been storming here the past 3 days is the culprit thats so weird fox300..I dont understand why these injuries hurt when rain comes..wtf? its been storming here all day today and yesterday..my hand started hurting BAD like a day or 2 before it started raining..for like no reason, still hurting a tad bit..
  14. Thanks for the responses and just gonna guess you missed the part where i said i have another job right now lol, I can make the payments..just not sure if i can work the hours i want during school
  15. Nah..i just started thinking about it today as i was on break lol..but they know i hate it..and weve talked about me quitting there before school starts and just keeping my other job..BUT there is 1 problem..my other job is open from 7-5 pm..mon-fri..now if i worked there during school thats like 7and a half hours a week of work..IF they let me work that..because i usually leave around 4..the boss only stays till like 5 and I dunno if hed have work for me at those times, and while I'd still be like 20-30$ short of my payments everymonth due to lack of hours my parents said theyd make up the difference. Oh and 1 reason i hate the job is because they only give me hours on the weekend..I mean I gotta work saturday and sunday..I JUST GOT MY ATV this is total bs I want to ride i hate it..and if i kept it during school..oh look school mon-fri and work all weekend..= no riding time..THATS what pisses me off even more
  16. Well, Yes but the job is sooo bad that the fact that i'd have to work another 2 weeks after giving a 2 weeks notice..horrifies me. I mean i love the money working 2 jobs (its still low but alot for me), but the job is not worth it..Im always complaining about it and dread going everyday
  17. Well..i absolutely hate my job..(i have another one that i like better) ..i didnt sign a contract or anything so..can i just not go back..its a small theatre job..and if a future job asks for reverence i'll just act like that place never existed..I really hate it..they put me on horrible hours like all weekend..pay is bad and the work is bad..any suggestions? Note i have another job..i work during the week making a little more than theatre, ALOTTTT easier and can still afford to make payments..
  18. Wow..it just started storming here..I hope thats why my hand was hurting.and that it will go away now..
  19. Hard to explain..just randomly started hurting..never hurt at all before..but..ist like 90 degrees here outside and where i work its like 70..could be it..No clue why it JUST started hurting tho..maybe its the grips on the 450r or something..i dunno..they are pretty hard compared to the ones my friends have
  20. Not that I can think of..and no..just had the splint for like 2 months..got it off and she never told me anything else..it was fine for a while now just randomly started hurting bad
  21. To give abrief story..december i dislocated my thumb inward..tore the ligaments..orthopedic put it in a splint for like a month or 2..its been like 2-3 months since i was told i didnt need it anymore..and it still hurts sometimes..Now..isnt it supposed to be healed? Any oneknow any good exercises to make it heal faster? and also..does anyone know any protective yet flexible thumb/hand braces I can use to ride? Cuz thres no way Im giving up riding 2 days after i got my atv.. Side note..todayt and yesterday it started hurting alot more.but it cant be the riding because i did alot harder riding on my friend's bikes a few weeks ago..every weekend and it never hurt. EDIT: Found a thumb brace on rocky mountain atv..anyone think it would help? All the reviews just mention wrists..even tho its a thumb brace -.-
  22. Rode it all day today..just breaking it in ofc..Cant wait till i can open her up..i wanna go ride right now but..loading it is soo ghey in my truck due to wheel wells and..no place remotely close
  23. The 450r..is in the truck..in the garage..let the jizzing commence my dad managed to get the dealer to throw in some ac nerfs (chrome -.-) for free..all for 5899 on the white..im SOOO happy i get to ride tomorrow OH>>MY>>GOD...this is ..awsome, THANKS FOR THE RESPONSES I'll put up some pics if i can find my camera..! Well, I havent given her a name yet, (lol) but here she is!
  24. They look pretty nice..like the blue theme..but imma go with the ac pro pegs..black..found some for 200$ complete with heelgaurds etc..
  25. Thanks, I'll prob just get new rims all together on smaller tires..instead of powdercoating stock ones..and some great and ..somewhat sad news..The great part is my parents are going to pick up my atv tomorrow!, the sad news is..I will be at work from 12-9pm..and im getting a white trx450r not black/blue..because a dealer is like literally half a mile down the street and selling a brand new white one for 5899..I like white..not as much as black..just dont like red..but i will be very happy..and anyone suggest a color of nerfs? Im thinkin ..black nerfs with black rims still..would be neat..white on black ..i dont like chrome Oh and :aargh::aargh::aargh: <--Excited about tomorrow

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