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  1. Hell Yes! The house is sold..told my parents just to pay cash for my atv so theres no interest..Oh..my..God kfx450r is in my sites.. :aargh: :aargh: :aargh: :aargh: :aargh: :aargh: <--Way Too Excited Face Im still gonna work tho and pay them back..Oh i can finally know what it feels like to post on here knowing I own an atv..and come on here when i have problems..the feeling! I Love This Site!
  2. I will love it and cherish it and clean it everyday..I was satisfied with my friends blasters speed..so for a few months..im keepin it stock..i heard there fast stock also so that will be awsome..but as soon as I start to get tired of it..Programmer, intake, full exhaust, new tires, nerfs, eventually a-arms and axle, new seat, graphics, take off fenders, beadlocks, steering dampener..ooh the possibilities..
  3. GREATS NEWS SOO EXCITED parents just got an offer on our old house..WHICH MEANS if the people accept the counter offer..I GET A KFX450 Ooh im about to *bad word* MY PANTS..the level of excitement right now is through the roof cant even explain it..feel like runnin down the street and hugging everyone (no homo) :aargh::aargh::aargh::aargh:
  4. Lol Went check out my precious kfx450 today..for the first time seeing it in person...its SOOO much smaller than i thought..spec wise youd think it was the same it just feels and sits smaller than the yfz..doesnt bother me enuff to not buy it tho!
  5. Theres no horses or stables around here..no farms nothing..its all jobs like this..summers already started and all the landscaping businesses are full i wish finding a job i wanted was that easy but its summer and every teen in the state is looking But w/e just gonna make the best of it..money is money and your never going to always have a job you love..+ if it means me getting my precious kfx then it will be well worth it! P.S. your handgaurds are ginormous
  6. I would rather be scoopin poo at horse stalls instead of watching kids play games..and i am not lying..since i was a kid ive always loved horses..had 1 before too..and I would much rather physical labour
  7. I have a question for you older posters that have dealed with loans and stuff like that..my parents claim they cannot get a loan for my atv because they have like 3 already..1 being our old house were trying to sell..is it true the bank wouldn't give them another loan or let them even co sign for my atv? they have really good credit and never missed payments
  8. clean as a ...as something that would be clean thanks
  9. Thanks..and for everyone elses responses..good advice.. and a quick question..anyone know how they administer drug tests? Im pretty sure piss but..are they gonna have someone staring at my package while i do it..if so i will be standing there for hours
  10. I see what you mean..but thats not their reason..and i wouldn't have said that had I known the forum said I was 18 lol..Im 17 turning 18 in december can only wait and see. And for the record I am working for it im paying for the atv all by myself..but since I am 17 i need them to get me a loan or co sign
  11. Thats the only way to look at it But im way too lazy to go find another job..+ they all pay the same so wut the hell..atleast i can see free movies here..tbh i was just gonna give up on a job and boom..i get a call..my parents still trying to play off the whole atv thing..they told me to make good grades and get ajob..well summers here and i did both but there not holding up there end of the bargain..
  12. i wish..its just a gameroom at the amc theatre..ive never been in one but im pretty sure its just air hocket and games like that >.>..and im only working on friday-sunday so..busiest times so i wont be able to do any of the games lol..the whole time i will be thinking..kfx450..kfx450...kfx450
  13. Just got a job working in the gameroom at a theatre..sounded hectic and confusing but I need a job so bad so I said yes..because i cant get a atv till i get a job..so of course you see why I had to say yes..anyone know what im in for with these crazy kids?
  14. Would it be possible to put on a set of ltr-450 a-arms + axle and/or shocks (if needed) onto a kfx450r without modifications like cutting/welding?
  15. Just finished it..bout a mcdonalds truck driver..uncovers a mcdonalds conspiracy whre theres a missile inside a mcdonalds..that the driver gets involved in it..shoots missile at cuba to relieve oil reserves..killing voer 2 million people..then he gets locked in the command center and dies from toxic gases because the govt doesnt want him to leak the information..lol
  16. Lol nice...strange ideas...it has to be a 5 minimum minute no longer than 10 minute script..gotta have dialogue etc all that..so like 2-3 Acts..really cant think of anything....If i dont get it done by today i cant go ride with ma friends..ahh this sucks..also have to make a playbill for it.. -.-
  17. Need to write a script..for a story..5-10 minutes..i cant think of anything..due monday..im thinkin a mcdonalds conspiracy..but what conspiracy? Id like it to be believable..could do something bout atvs but...the typical..kid living the dream comes out on top wins the race blah blah..boring
  18. Comon, never heard of the off-road R1? Sigh..I dont have anything against off-road helmets and goggles..but a streetbike helmet seems nice..pop on helmet..close visor bam..dont have to put on goggles..or even buy goggles at that....no red dirt all over my face..(friend has farm FULL of red dirt) ..stuff is so annoying. Boy, what Id give for that Arai helmet..best of both worlds! too bad its 400$ ...anyone know of any other helmets like this one? ..that arent..400$
  19. Yup..I have that issue in my schoolbag..along with 4 others ^.^ Thanks for the responses..I was leaning towards the ltr out of all the 450s because I could pop on a cherry bomb, and have plenty of enough power I would need (never had any type of sport..vehicle before..but have ridden blaster and piped, cam moded yfz)..and wouldnt need to spend 1000+ on new a-arms etc. Seems like the best bike for me. And bout helmets..Cant see why mud would be aproblem over regular goggles..same thing really..only diff is I dont need goggles...and Id probly look retarded at riding spots with a streetbike helmet but..who cares..id be having fun!
  20. Im considering a new quad..pretty much any 450..I'd love a KTM 450 but the price drives me away..does anyone know how low a dealer would most commonly go on one of these bikes? (ktm 450 atv).. 2nd question is..could one use a streetbike helmet (full face) to ride atvs? I cant see why not..and It would feel more conveniant for me.
  21. Quad -> fully modded out raptor 700r UTV -> Rhino 700 (also fully modded out and customized) ATC -> Tecate (...u get the picture)

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