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  1. Omg I cannot figure this out..Im starting to think it could be the jetting from the factory..I always heard they run a little off. I mean, To best explain whats happening goes like this Im in 5th..Low to lower mid 5th, cruising.. then i NAIL it..and it doesnt rev or pull or bog for like half a second it just kinda stops THEN it pulls strong. Is that jetting or clutch.
  2. The stuff i used isnt synthetic, its what everyone at trx450r.org recommended, but Iam switching to synthetic honda oil for my engine side
  3. Damn so many replies so fast...Ok First of all..before like 30 minutes ago it was running the tranny oil from honda.. (as you know the trx450rs have the engine oil and tranny oil seperated) ..I changed it to 2 stroke 80/85w racing tranny oil..Everyone and their mothers with 450rs have said this is the best stuff. And i have no idea what my shifting poitnts and my shifting star is..but its like 4 weeks old.. And theres no moly in the tranny oil.. Im pretty sure the tranny oil i used is thin. And the engine oil I changed to was HP4 with Moly 10w40 ..and yes im 100000% positive I put it in the engine side..Not the tranny side so its not that..unless somehow it leaked to the transmission but ive never heard of that...BUT for my next oil change (should be soon) im switching to the HP4 fully synthetic oil. Dude..i have no idea what a shift cam or shift forks are or where there located Lol
  4. I can just imagine how many things can get totally f'd up by falling over trying to do that. But this reminds me of the video of the guy on a 4x4 utility doing a reverse wheelie
  5. Yeah that sounds pretty gay..a license? So much for family outings..That'll never happen, parents want to get their kids on little 50s and stuff, + if they did it and if other states followed (Which they wont) then all the manufacturers will lose alot of money off the fact that no one will be able to ride the little bikes.. I can probly remember atleast 10 if not 15 kids I saw at the local riding spot this last weekend (out of like 30-40 people total) that didnt have their licenses.alot of kids on little 50s and stuff
  6. Damn..well I just changed it from stock (never changed since i got it) and put in the 2 stroke 80/85w racing tranny oil everyone recommends..It just started raining so I'll see how it does tomorrow, and whats up with my bike..I hear people saying "you always will have shavings when u change oil" ..well Ive changed my engine oil and tranny oil and i havent seen a single shaving..Is something wrong
  7. I read somewhere that someone's clutch was slipping with a certain type of oil in their tranny side.. And i started thinking..Im still using stock honda tranny oil..I have the recommended 80/85w 2 stroke tranny oil or w/e ..Just never changed it...could this be why its starting to slip?
  8. Wow i just went check my shift and somethings definatly wrong.. I held in clutch..shifted to first..(bikes off whole time) ...then shifted to 2nd..shifter lever ALL the way up..neutral..not 2nd..I let off..pul it up again..no 2nd..after like 4 tries it finally goes into 2nd.. Wtf
  9. ..Well..it seems it gets stuck alot..like in first i click it straight to 2nd..but it doesnt go into 2nd..i have to let back down a little then reclick to 2nd..not all the time but most of the time. How do I adjust my shift lever..just the little bolt thing on the end of it? and would i adjust it up or down
  10. Do you or did you when u first got your bike..find yourself getting stuck in neutral going from 1st to 2nd alot?
  11. Will definatly fix that but ..i cant see how my bike would ever be able to be ridden up the ramps without riding the clutch..it always dies..
  12. I like to ride my bike everyweekend..and Im getting a new pipe early next week..I couldnt stand to have my bike out while they rebuilt anything..Im pretty sure its just the way i rode..like i said I ride the clutch everytime i load it, the whole time, and i think i ride it too long when i take off. Im just going to replace it with a Sparks Heavy Duty Clutch Kit i think or a EBC..there good and pretty cheap, dont wanna drop like 600+ on a hinson lol EDIT: I dont wanna spend 900+ on a hinson lol
  13. Thats alot of hassle tho, and they clearly said the warranty wouldnt cover to replace it..and sounds kinda believable because the clutch going out is due to mostly the rider..I guess i just F'd up. Imma just get a good heavy duty clutch kit now since it isnt that expensive..and my friend can install it. Even if the dealer did replace mine..warranty doesnt cover the labor..here atleast, and tis 70$ an hour, so why go back to stock replacement?
  14. I talked to the dealer they said its not covered by warranty..to replace it that is..and i think it kinda is my fault..I mean I never RIDE the clutch but i do ride it to take off..which usually lasts a few seconds..which ive heard is too long..and i ride the clutch all the way into my truck to load it so ..Im just ordering a new clutch for it, friends gonna help me put it in along with my pipe and jets etc. and I'll change my riding habits. Can anyone recommend a good clutch kit for me to buy?
  15. Ok well i just figured out my clutch is slipping..pretty damn gay 4 weeks old..I went on the street cruised in 4th and 5th, pinned it and it lost some power before it starting going again.
  16. The clutch lever on my handle bars isnt too tight.I can probly pull it in a good half inch to an inch before it gets tight.if you know what i mean.
  17. Ok, thanks for all the posts but im so confused..so what do you guys suggest I adjust to fix the problem? Or what should I do
  18. ..I ride hard No but seriously lol i have no idea wtf I did..but i think your right..the clutch could be burning up even tho i have no idea what that means..but it could also be the break..Im not letting that go but i would think its the clutch.. Hows your neutral bot? do you often hit neutral going from 1st to 2nd?
  19. Well, i'll start by listing a few experiences. Went to ride at a friends house..the bike was ran hard, and it was letting off a weird smell when it stopped, my friends dad said it smelled like asbestos or w/e and it was either the clutch or the breaks. The next day I hit another riding spot, was dragging and my bike seemed to lose power and just stopped when i shifted from 3rd to 4th, but i went to drag just fine the rest of the day. Soo could my clutch be slipping or something? And what in the world is that smell.. Also my bike seems to get stuck in neutral ALL the time..never when its not running but when im just riding and go from 1st to 2nd it always gets stuck in neutral..like to click to neutral u have to pull the shifter lever all the way up unlike all the other gears where its in the middle.
  20. Since you already have a little riding experience (maybe alot i dont know lol) id suggest either a raptor 350 or a 400ex/z400 etc.. I dont find the 400s have any uncontrollable power but can definatly get going if u want. reliable bikes also and u can find pretty cheap used ones, good bikes to grow into also. I saw a kid that couldnt have been more than 7 years old ..no lie not even exagerating on a z400 this past weekend, he was haulin a$$
  21. My friends yfz has gytr ones that sag and go under the shifter ..and yfzs are lower and hes never snagged anything..My friends ltr has ac pro pegs that go completely to the frame..and ltrs sit low and hes never sagged anything..Lemme find you a pic. eBay Motors: YAMAHA RAPTOR 660 NERF BARS 01-08 RAPTOR ATV NERFBARS (item 360065572154 end time Jul-27-08 10:36:37 PDT) http://www.onlyatv.com/proarmor/kfx700/kfx700n.jpg http://www.crd-international.co.uk/contents/media/t_nerf%20bar%20raptor%20700.jpg To find a few
  22. Well..got these nerfs for free with my bike so Id rather be able to fix these stupid nets than to buy new ones. The nets dont go under the shifter..every other nerf bars ive seen in person have..only these dont and i hate my foot being open when shifting. Its the same on both sides. Heres a pic
  23. Im now excited and pumped.. Friend just called and told me a local riding spot opened up (it has been closed for months) so were all going tomorrow for the day! WOOT
  24. I live in a neighborhood..woods around but its all wayy too tight..and its new woods ..no trails at all..only place i can ride is on side of this lake thing..and its just a straightaway..so back and forth baack and forth

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