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  2. That's exactly what Id do: I use my old mobile phone which has more CPU power and a better screen than consumer GPS devices (and it is cheaper). The Can-Am I own has a 12 volt connector right next to the steering and I have a mount on the left handle bar. The phone doesn't need any paid service contract, it is in offline mode, only using GPS for maps. Then using whatever app you have decided on, load the MN DNR GPS tagged PDF map and go riding. The only additional option I have researched is a really nice external GPS antenna that is bluetooth connected called xGPS. It can be mounted
  3. I'll have to take a look at that app. I tried Gaia which has good reviews, but I was disappointed with the maps for a paid app. When I am riding I want to have a clear map with POIs for the surrounding area and clear ATV trail lines that are accurate. With Gaia you can overlay multiple maps over the DNR trail maps which is nice. I am still not sure what he best solution is here. It appears that Garmin owns this market. Does anyone have a screenshot of how the MN DNR ATV trails look on a Garmin? Curious.
  4. Try all the fuel related things: inline fuel filter, fuel tank and the fuel pump.
  5. I was looking at the MN DNR website and trying to find some better maps and information as well. You can download PDF maps from the DNR site and use them with Avenza maps app. It's free, you just need to create an account. Here is an iPhone link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/avenza-maps/id388424049?mt=8 I use my old iPhone for this on my Can-Am with a USB charger attachment that plugs into the lighter socket. Most folks have a couple of phones in a drawer these days... The app will load the map and then you can use the GPS functions (offline with no phone signal n
  6. Solution: The fuel pump was failing.
  7. I need to know the vacuum lines connections for the bottom of the carburetor... ALL of them really. They are not in the shop manual and I can not find an image googling. :( If you have a picture of how these connect on a Can-AMATV please reply. THANKS!
  8. The original carb and the new carb don't have any connections at the bottom. (see picture of original carb) I think this may be the issue... I see some pictures where a new, stock carb has a brass screw in the throttle side of the carb next to the pilot screw. I don;t know if this applies to the can-am carb or not.The problem is I have never seen these connected, so I don't know the correct setup. I can't find an image or drawing showing any hoses connected to the bottom of the carb. Anyone got a picture of this from the bottom?
  9. Everything is the same now as when I started. I can start the engine this morning, but again the choke does not have any affect and it won't idle and runs rough. This is the exact same symptoms that I started with a week ago. So if my logic is correct. The original carb was fine. Perhaps it needed some minor adjustment but it was very close to where I am now. I haven't found any loose wires or corroded connectors. I am not sure what to do next? I really do not want to try re-adjusting the carburetor again. Perhaps this is required, but I'd like an expert to ch
  10. Thanks. I am going to take another look at all the wires. That could explain some of the sudden issues after it appeared to be working (mostly). I am confident the green hose is just supposed to hang in place now... I found another drawing that shows it does NOT connect to anything at the base of the carb. See picture. I am going to assume the cap on the other side should be in place since it appears to be a black rubber cap like all the others. I'd really like to end this today with some good news so I can go riding with my 10 year old daughter soon.
  11. So I literally flipped through my 2002 Quest shop manual and reviewed all the diagrams and pictures. On pages 04-0205, 04-02-1 & 2 there are some details that show the hose attached from the throttle side and going over the carb and down by the fuel intake line. There is no connector there between this vacuum hose and the fuel line, so I guess it just hangs in this location. See green line in images. If you have a picture of this and looks different please post it. thanks!
  12. Anyone got some detailed pictures of the 2002 quest 650 carb from the top and sides showing all the hose connections?
  13. IMAGES - New and Original carbs.
  14. I thought perhaps I found something. The hose at the rear of the air box was not seated well. I fixed that. I did notice the hose on the throttle side of the carb that just dangles there. Is this supposed to connect somewhere? It doesn't appear to connect to the air box for example. See green arrow in picture.

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