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  2. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I ordered a new air filter, pulled the plug on the housing cover, and checked the fluids. Found a broken sensor leading to the speedometer problem I had as well. Looking forward to getting her back in the woods!
  3. I need some advice on my 700 kingquad. I recently went out into some deep water (not sure if this is the issue or not) I did not submerge past the seat all the way, however I did wheelie out of it with the back end submerged for 5 seconds. I realized after I did this that you could hear the engine going up in rpm's but there was no power to the wheels after a point. You could only hear the whailing of the engine. Could someone lead me in the right direction... basic knowledge would be to check air filter, belt housing for water, spark plug. Otherwise I am at a loss. Thanks in advance!

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