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  1. I hear you there - I know in CA with the new '09 KTM MX (450/477[aka505] DOHC)/$12K coming out in addition to the '09 450/525/$9K KTM XC (same motor as the Outlaw), all the guys who bought the '08 KTM XC are about to trade up and you could probably snag a good deal on a '08 XC unless you're dead-set on new.
  2. You guys - the '08 has the same FOX shocks, and it has the same 5252 KTM racing motor, and it has the same Maxxis tires. Other than the plastics/tank, the steering stem is the only real change. Please like what you like - but doesn't it still make sense to get the same bike right now for way less, use the extra cash for hop-ups and have a real ripper of a machine; especially for racing?
  3. You won't be in front of anyone for long with a tank that's a gallon smaller on the exact same bike. It's called an Outlaw and is supposed to look/be bad-ass, not be a look-a-like/copycat/every-other-quad type of thing. Also, I got the dealer-new '08 with a 42mo warranty out the door (tax/title/set-up/license) for $6,500 and you'll be paying $8K+ for basicly the same quad; even spending part of the money on performance upgrades would smoke the '09 in a second.
  4. Thank GOD I got an '08 - the '09s look like a LTR525XC - if you know what I mean. Is it just me, or does the front look really dumb - almost like my kid's Powerwheels? I say give me the bad-ass old look, with the bigger tank - I'll loose the 6+ pounds myself.

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