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  1. Hi All, Are any of you heading out to the Off-Road Expo this weekend? There should be some sweet ATVs and parts to get deals on.
  2. ATV_Macho_Man

    2008 ATV Deals

    What month is the best month to get deals on 2008 models? I know a few of the local dealers already have 2009 models.
  3. ATV_Macho_Man

    2009 KTM 450 SX and 505 SX

    Don't they...a KTM might be my next Quad. I just need to save up my $
  4. ATV_Macho_Man

    2009 KTM 450 SX and 505 SX

    At Round 10 of the AMA PRO ATV Nationals, KTM launched the new 2009 450SX and 505SX ATV's. Full Article KTM Launches 2009 450 SX and 505 SX at RedBud - A premium machine at a premium price
  5. ATV_Macho_Man

    some fun in the yard

    Man you're crazy.
  6. ATV_Macho_Man

    The new 2009 Polaris Outlaws are out!

    Yeah, they do look very similar to the KTM. I wonder if they shared any of the drawings. I know they worked together a while back on the Outlaw. Maybe some shared R&D?
  7. ATV_Macho_Man

    Dream Cars.

    Ford deuce Pick-up...so there's room for the quad.
  8. The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is strongly urging the Smokey Bear program to revise its current ATV fire prevention campaign. The BRC contacted the Ad Council last week strongly urging them to withdraw what the national trail recreation group calls "inaccurate and inflammatory ATV-oriented public service advertisements." Read Full Article BRC Fuming Over ATV-Related Smokey Bear Ad - Dealernews
  9. The new Polaris Outlaws are looking pretty hot. First Ride: 2009 Polaris Outlaw ATVs - 525 IRS, 525 S, 450 MXR all get upgrades - ATV at Off-Road.com
  10. ATV_Macho_Man

    2009 Suzuki QuadSport Z400

    The newest ATV from Suzuki seems to be on the right track. Review Review: 2009 Suzuki QuadSport Z400 - Hands On testing of the newest ATV from American Suzuki - ATV at Off-Road.com
  11. ATV_Macho_Man

    Quite a project

    2nd that Stoopidbot1. This is a killer deal. Those little blasters are fun, although the suspension is pretty rough. = )
  12. ATV_Macho_Man

    Can I fix these nerfs?

    If you know how to weld aluminum then maybe. Are you sure these were designed for your quad? You might be better off buying new ones and selling these. Try eBay or Craigslist.
  13. ATV_Macho_Man

    What Hauls your Toys and Why????

    WOW, this took some planning. You should be on Monster Garage...if it ever comes back Pretty Cool Man.
  14. ATV_Macho_Man

    700XX wins Baja 500

    Here is a video clip of the Baja 500 that shows Matlock winning the race on the Honda 700XX (It's towards the end). Baja 500 Video
  15. ATV_Macho_Man

    Dream Quad

    Raptor 700R is fun