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  1. Don't forget to contact congress & let them know what you think! I posted a link in the past on other atv sites how to contact them but it was removed cause I was too political?? wtf I never said what to say was just informing I thought? A good reason to be a member of ama or atvma they get you updates of all the BS laws they try to pass otherwise you hear about them afterwards!!
  2. Well you should have a true 2wd with the straight axle so you are up on most little tractors, your tires are already probably much better also. Besides the weight, so if you keep some rear weight that would help much. The time I see you might have an issue is in deep wet snow. Probably stick with a 42" or smaller size blade. I had a quadsport with a home made plow. It was way heavy & when I was 16 barely weighed 150 lbs it didn't work so well. but with a lighter design plow & the extra weight you'll geter done.
  3. Thanks, probably not the best starter post, but I suppose this is a good post to either make some enemies or friends? lol
  4. I think she is fine. She seems trust worthy & straight forward. Not a common trait among politicians!

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