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  2. I am working on changing the front brake cables on a 1986 Yamaha Moto4 225, and found it necessary to remove the front tires. In looking at the manual, I can not locate torque values for the front (or rear) hub nuts, the ones requiring the cotter pin. I know too loose or too tight causes problems, Does anyone know that value for the nut torque? Seems there is a lot of information missing from my manual.
  3. Learning accomplished. Oil change completed. Sorry for the comment YouTube.
  4. NOT the wrong side, youtube video was not of any help AT ALL, Back to learning.
  5. Think I found the answer. Wrong side of the ATV for the oil drain. Such is life. Keep on learning.
  6. Thanks for the information, but it appears I am not allowed to download files. I tried changing the oil today, and what appears to be the drain plug in the dark pictures of the manual does not have a nut pattern, it is completely round. The plug appears to be located down and forward of the oil filter cap - am I trying to loosen something I am not supposed to remove? I will attempt to upload a photo showing the area I am talking about.
  7. Just purchased one of these and I have a few questions: Went to change the air filter and it fell apart, but there were two pieces of the foam wrapping the wire cage - Normal? In addition there was about an inch of oil in the bottom of the air filter box - again - Normal? The backing piece of plastic for the wire cage was laying in the bottom of the filter box and the bolt was also in the oil. I am also looking for a recommendation on what to do with the machine as far as maintenance, it runs well, shifts fine, needs a new battery, but what else should I be checking? The previous owner had it for over 25 years and does not have any records or memory of the last oil change or any other maintenance other than needing to replace the battery a couple of years ago and placing a car battery on the front rack and running wires to the starter. Learning curve is sharp, but looking forward to the experience. Thanks for your input.
  8. New member from Colorado, looking to learn about a recent purchase. Bought what I believe to be a 1986 Yamaha Moto 4. Will be searching for manuals and some parts. Thanks.

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