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  1. hello ya me and my husband are also looking for other people to go ride the dunes with. we always ride winchester bay in oregon or spin reel.
  2. He has a 4sp and its a down shift. I think I have pictures of him riding it in my garage. Thats sounds like fun. We are always trying to find some one to go ride with. We used to get asked to go but the when it got closer to the day they would back out . So its just me and my husband. And usually we take our two boys.
  3. I mean his 70 is a three wheeler. Im from eugene and u?
  4. my son is 6 years old and he rides a little 70. how old do u have to be to get a title??
  5. I like that saying If you have more than three wheels your driving a golf kart funny. So Im new at this so how are ya.

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