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  1. Hello all from Balad Iraq! I will be in country for about 4 months. Any cool pics of Military equiptment i get i will forward on to ya'll. I'm Airforce so i wont get any pics of action just planes and equpt. that comes off of them.
  2. anyone now of some places to ride in middle georgia?
  3. you know how us folk over 40 are ( computer illiterate) thanks for the info
  4. I ride a Warrior 350 which is a heavy bike to throw arround in the woods. Woods riding is what i mostly like to do so i'm going to go off the deep end here and say for the money and handling (and mods) the Blaster was the best woods bike i've ridden. ( Ive ridden Banshees and Honda 250s) Just for the fact that the bike is so light and and still has plenty of power.
  5. couldnt figure how to post any pics on the forum but there are some pics in my gallery on the home page. also a note that Krylon Platice paint is not fuel resitant careful on painting the tanks.
  6. Got the Big Red up and running! Thanks for all the help. The total cost was $200.00 ( Front brake cable,19.00, coil,44.00, ignition module, 109.00, shipping 30.00) not bad. The trike runs great tires will be next when these finally go. Once agian thanks guys for all the information.
  7. thankyou for the information
  8. WOW thanks for the response! wiring diagramed saved to the comuter for refernce. Put a dead battery in and checked voltage from the stator that was good, chaecked all the way to the coil in and got good voltage but nothing out( pluged in a coil off a Isuzu Trooper and got volage out ) oredered a new coil for $44.00 bucks will be in soon I'll let ya'll know about the out come and try to post some picks. This is a great forum thanks all for your help.
  9. just got a Honda ATV200ES today for free and it seem to be in good shape! The last owner said it wasnt getting a spark. There is no battery in it yet (does it need one to spark?) Where do i need to start on this thing and is there anywhere i can find the specs? ie..compression valvel clearence ect. Any info on this would be great, thanks

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