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  2. one more question - does anyone know - during my search of my ride I saw 2 different modifications (by the pictures from sellers) of the phoenix 200. One of them had rear disc brake and speedometer on it and other one had drum rear brake and no speedometer on it. Any clue the reasons of these differences?
  3. Now my 10 pieces of my activity are done, I hope I can now download the service manual for the 2005 polaris phoenix 200
  4. .... obviously must change the oils. Any suggestions! which quality oil for the engine -which for the gearbox -which for the rear axle
  5. As well - as I will be owner of the previously owned ride - what would be the must to do things on phoenix 200 before the use
  6. some more info from anyone competent - is there any way to increase/tune up phoenix 200 from 2005 capability - top speed and torque?
  7. ... by the way - from the different forum - with regard to the backfire and startup problems - there was solution presented - to decrease the spark plug gap - unfortunately can not remember exact gap size to decrease to fro original.
  8. ..... the quality of the engine and transmission? considering if they are from taiwan? .....
  9. Any comments regarding pol. phx. 200 from 2005 will be grateful. ( is this china thing true I heard about?)
  10. .... and I´m here to have some clue about this ride and prepare myself for an any issues....
  11. I´m about receive the used pol phx 200 y 2005 on next week. 2200 riding miles on it.
  12. sorry for my sequential posts - thats because the rule , I must have at least 10 activities on this forum to get access to the downloads!
  13. Does anyone know? I´ve heard that polaris phoenix 200 is not genuine "polaris" but manufactured in china (taiwan)

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