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  1. Bud394

    Who’s hunting?

    Sika deer knows I’m there (he scented me) 6F15F950-327C-4E63-A0CF-B7DD6639ACF2.mov
  2. Bud394

    Who’s hunting?

    Went to a low fence ranch near Junction, TX last weekend. Lots of action. Took a 7 point whitetail, 18.5” tall Black Buck antelope, and 2 feral pigs. Took a shot at a running turkey and missed. Shot 2 other pigs but did not recover them. Saw numerous different whitetail bucks and does, pigs, turkeys, and Sika deer.
  3. Bud394


    Any Texas riders on this site
  4. Bud394

    Just here for a manual

    Me too
  5. Bud394

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Hi there new member here looking for a manual
  6. Bud394

    Where do you guys ride?

    Hidden Falls adventure park in Marble falls, TX
  7. Bud394

    My old pig

    My old 98 300ex. Too many mods to list
  8. Bud394

    Just here for manual

    Lookin for a manual myself Me too I think we all are