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  1. @Frank Angerano So pulled the secondary down and found also two things. First is the new clutches I put in are right at the service limit. These were after market clutch disc bought on amazon. The next thing is the question of the two washers on the secondary clutch. I have information in the clymer manual that does not match each other. Which one goes on first? The special note at the top of page 212 says the outer washer 20 is thinner than the inner washer 17. Then the diagram on 212 calls 20 the inner washer and 17 the inner washer. but pictures on 213 figure 54 and 57 seem to go with thin first then thick? Does anyone know which way is correct?
  2. @Frank Angerano Thanks I will. Should I tear down the secondary also? It has new clutch disc already but I can tear it down and clean them if you think I should?
  3. @Frank Angerano Just measured primary and it does not measure over 116.2mm. That is in spec according to the manual that you posted. What next?
  4. @Frank Angerano Here is the primary clutch old and new. It was slipping with the new one installed. I need to measure primary hub and my caliper battery died need to go get one so I can get it measured. The other picture is of some material found in cover what do you think it is?
  5. @Frank Angerano I am tearing the clutch cover back off today. I know that the clutch discs were install properly. but do not know about clearances?
  6. @Frank Angerano I got the rings unstuck by soaking in pb blaster. Replaced the rings and honed the cylinder. Lapped valves and replaced valve stem seals. While I had it all torn out of the frame I replaced the centrifugal clutch and the clutch discs. Tuned in the carb and was running great now the clutch is slipping. I have adjusted the clutch according to manual and was using Kawasaki oil for ATV. Any suggestions?
  7. So I have not had a chance to hone the cylinder yet but I did soak it over night in simple green and almost all of the rust came off the cylinder walls. I will post some pictures later. The second piston ring has freed up a little but the top ring still will not loosen up. Any tricks on removing the stuck rings other than soaking in oil?
  8. Was given this atv with a locked up engine. Found piston rusted to cylinder. Piston rings stuck.
  9. @Frank Angerano I got the Head and Cylinder off and the cylinder off. The piston was rusted in place to the cylinder wall. The rings are stuck in also. I guess I can try to hone the cylinder or should I send it to a machine shop? Looks like I might get away with a top end kit and maybe a new sleeve?
  10. Need help with teardown of 2001 Bayou 220. New to atv's but not to mechanical work. I was given this ATV and went to turn engine over by pull rope and the engine is locked up. Pulled spark plug no change. Was going to tear down top end. Any suggestions or tricks before I proceed?
  11. I am new to atv's but not to mechanical work. I was given a 2001 Kawasaki Bayou 220. It looks to have a locked up engine. I am going to tear down the top end and take photos. of the tear down as I go. Anyone have any suggestion?

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