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  1. Thanks for the comment.......cleaned it up since then. Also, I've got 2 Hondas now....Rancher & Rubicon.
  2. Hey Powermadd.... We're thinking of going to aetna mountain this month. Maybe this next weekend or so. Can you tell me where is a good place to park and enter? How much do you know about the area? I'll have to check on the houston valley thing....is it good?
  3. It's been bugging me since last Tuesday. Of course I fixed the error code but it didn't solve the other problem ....until today. By the way ------ there's a guy in the service shop at SOUTHERN POWER SPORTS in Chattanooga that is GREAT. Nice guy and knows his machines. Big thanks to him!
  4. Found out what the problem was! Turns out it was simple. Idling too high. Some way (perhaps when the angle sensor went out) the idle adjusted itself high. Not high enough that I noticed it ....but high. That resulted in the hard shift from neutral to drive/reverse and also the noise in the engine in neutral only.
  5. Forgot to mention that even when it's warmed up and making the noise in neutral, its quiet when it's in drive & reverse.
  6. The characteristics are: noise after it warms up and and shifts hard from neutral to drive/reverse (after it warms up). When the engines cold it shifts from neutral to drive/revers perfectly and NO noise from the engine/transmission area.
  7. No low fluids and the new angle sensor did clear the problem code. So, I think the new one is working fine. No deep water rides either.
  8. Yep, already checked out all the circuit for the angle sensor and it was bad. I've replaced it but same problem. The odd thing is that it does it after the engine/transmission is warm. It subtransmission is smooth and quiet until it warms up.
  9. Last time I put up my 2004 Honda Rubicon AT I had no issues. Now, I get it out for four wheeling and it "--" blinking on the display when in neutral. I look it up in the owner's manual and it says to turn it off and back on to reset the automatic transmission. That works. Then, I find that it goes in D & R roughly and also it makes a sound (like a fan or dry bearings) when it's in neutral. No noises in D or R. All fluids are clean and full. Any ideas about Honda Automatic transmission noises in Neutral?
  10. I guess I could do a net search but I'd rather have 'local' info. Is Dry Gulch in CP? I ride and most of the time don't bother to check the names out. Where's Coppinger Cove? What's the difficulty of it? I think the fam is going next Tuesday afternoon since it's raining today and we don't want to discourage the women. Probably a good thing since my back isn't cooperating today.
  11. Any advice on where the good trails are in PC? I know of the one that crosses the creek and has the next to it. Good spot there.

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