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  1. Cool , call me sometime . Im out changing the oil fro the first time , no manuel. seems easy enough. Coppinger is in sequatachie valley, its a unusual place . Lots of rock crawlers . Very popular for just about anybody. jerr 4234004110
  2. Dry gulch is pretty crazy , very very different. Looked like it had not been ridden very much. But i think its gonna be closed for two and a half months. You want to ride coppinger cove?
  3. Hey everyone maybe you can sticky this Prentice cooper is closing all the side trails december 20 to march 15... Ive been riding everyday up there and its amazing. You have to know where to look though for sure. anyone wanting to ride anywhere near chattanooga gimmie a ring 4234004110 Jerr
  4. Hey everyone, Gimme shout if you are wanting to ride around chattanooga or at PC. [email protected] im ready to ride:cute:
  5. No i dont have the good PC map. I can get one soon as i see a ranger though. Yeah most of the trails i have found are jeep trails but there is a place very close my PC that has some radical stuff is down three knotch road. The best riding is proably over in sequatchie valley in several huge coves. The through trip on coppinger is famous.Its can be done with hard core 4 by 4 trucks though. Still there is alot of challenging stuff in there.Im really stoked to ride it. It appears that my gas gauge does not work , i rode about 4 hours and there was no difference on the gauge. I was letting it idle befor i loaded it up and it cut off and would not crank , i turned to reserve and it cranked immediatly. I dunno ? But im ready to ride whenever.
  6. My right thumb is so sore . Its like no matter whatn position i ntry to throttle it ,after awhile its sill sore . Ha Ha only 2 days riding and i got sore thum, what a wuss , huh?
  7. Yall holla at me . I live 3 miles from the entrance to the cooper. [email protected]
  8. Went back today and found alot of new trails. My gas metre has not moved lower in 6 hours of riding. Obviously ive been looking in the tank. Today i was about to load up and leave and the atv just cut off. I trieds to crank it for a fe seconds , then turned to reserve and she cranked Imm. Like one half a second. There is about 2 inches at most in tank more like 1.5 So yall recone the meters is gone. Always somthing huh ?
  9. Anyone want to hook up? Im new but im riding. Prentice coopoer is awesome, but i know coopinger cove and the sequatchie valley well. Ive been into alot of areas four wheel drive trucks and done a lot of rock climbing. Maybe this post needs to be moved , but i didnt see a better place yet . Anybody want to hook up and ride?
  10. Yeah i just got back from printice cooper. Wow its huge. So for sure i want to go back tomorrow on sunday dec 7th. It was pretty cold today but i had fun. gimme a shout at [email protected] I live about 2 miles from the entrance, so we could hook up easy.
  11. Holy chit ive been riding it up hills around my place which is ina well known atv spot. this thing has serious power i love it. I love it. I cant say im to thrilled about turning radius , but hey i got reverse. A car came past my drive and yah yah i know no going on the road but i live in suck creek canyon. I pulled out and caught up with it between my two driveways haha. What is its top average speed anyhow? So man i can see why two wheel drive is so cool to. In four wheel drive im losing most of the snap the back end around really fast capabilities. I love this thing ... did i say that befor? Its been so long since ive riden anything. Oh man thanx for all the advice and thanx for talking me into the rincon. Its gonna be perfect for my work and my wife and i having fun . Im trying to talk her into a camping riding trip starting tomorrow., One thing im gonna get in this cold weather is face mask , asap. Lovein it.
  12. The guy who bought thin unit new paid 8807.00 Crikey
  13. I got a 05 rincon trx 650 fa today with winch front disc brakes to 83 hours. Damn it got some power. Im gonna ride my ass off this week end. what all should i include in my tool bag . Like what if i slash a tire . i was thinking green slime and a can of fix o flat for smaller stuff plus some plain plugs. What comes to mind bros?
  14. Oh got IRS deffinatly way way better , more solid nicer ride Its the money and honestly the rincon is so Bling. Id have to take the bling off asap

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