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  1. Hello All, Finally got around to messing with quad. I found bad grounds & faulty coil. Ordered new today. Stole coil from other quad and made spark......woohooo..... Well I temp installed new coil and made spark. Figured I would pour little gas in carb to see if it fires. No fire ..tried a little starting fluid just to see if it would fire. No fire.. well if I have spark, add clean fuel but No fire or booms from quad what’s so ever. Any suggestions..
  2. I still have original carb that came on it when I bought it. Could I get rebuild off amazon or somewhere else.?
  3. Carb was a $30 amazon special.. was a direct fit..!!
  4. It only back fires now, won't run.. Makes one hell of a boom.. Went to try to start to warm up, Just a recap.. 1st time I started it. I let it idle long enough to install front rack, rear fender & rack., while installing items I gave a little gas and it would still bog down . jumped on and went 50 ft before it just died. Try to start it and it back fires Will fuel will cause a huge back fire..?
  5. Brand New Carb.. when I took off cover to replace stator,pick up & gasket. Would I have messed with timing..? I'm not familiar with the timing part..?
  6. Well, I received stator, pick and new key switch asembly. I have great spark. Thanks to all whom responded. NOW it Starts up with hesitation. Idles good , give a little gas it boggs down, back fires & dies instantly. Will start up after it back fires DID I MESS WITH TIMING
  7. Looking for recoil , while inspecting my recoil, the inner plastic wheel is junk. New is outrageous in price
  8. Lol, apparently I made my tenth thread... Download worked great. Already feeling positive about this green beauty. Thanks quadcrazy..!!!!!
  9. I have been online all night & this morning while taking care of my 2 yr old daughter with the flu.. I am wondering why I cannot find a wiring diagram. I found in downloads , but it won't let me download..?????I only need one diagram not the whole manual. Rather spend money on accessories than $40 on a book for 1 pg. stator & pick up come Wednesday. So I'm going to bow hunt while weekend and ponder on wiring issues, with the intent to cure my quads illness. can anyone HELP..!
  10. I have been reading for the last couple hours..I will wait till next Wednesday to receive new stator,pickup,rectifier and gaskets. I just don't understand how one day it is running like a raped ape. And the next it just rolls over with not one spark. Like my ole man always said. "If it wasn't for bad luck, I would have and luck at all.."
  11. I will pay for a good diagram. Nothing is free in this world. There isn't much to these damn things. I'm just not a wiring guy. I will fix anything.
  12. It is hard to find a forum with people whom actucally help. From my experience with other forums. Their degrading or calling someone dumb due to others mechanical background or abilities. So what I have seen so far, and the 1 question I have asked. And the quick response I have already received. I'm hoping to find a mechanic/buddy or two to teach me a thing or two. Maybe get a trail ride in. I will gladly share my outcomes,trials & errors.
  13. I have kef300 as well. Have you found out your electrical problem. ?
  14. Would anyone by chance know where I can get a wiring diagram. For this Lakota ...?
  15. I will keep posted on this issue. Thanks again
  16. No I don't know if AC/DC.I Bought from amazon in which said for a Lakota kef300. I bought new carb,tires,light kit,brakes,tail light, seat etc. I have fenders and racks off. Starting to go through with a meter to see if anything measures funny. I said screw it and already order, stator,pick up and gasket. I have to much into it now to give up. Plus I like the little bastard..This pick was a little over a week ago. All was working, till it sat for a week..
  17. Hello, Having electrical issues with my Kawasaki Lakota Kef300. new coil, new cdi, new plug. any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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