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  1. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota spark issue

    I still have original carb that came on it when I bought it. Could I get rebuild off amazon or somewhere else.?
  2. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota spark issue

    Carb was a $30 amazon special.. was a direct fit..!!
  3. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota spark issue

    It only back fires now, won't run.. Makes one hell of a boom.. Went to try to start to warm up, Just a recap.. 1st time I started it. I let it idle long enough to install front rack, rear fender & rack., while installing items I gave a little gas and it would still bog down . jumped on and went 50 ft before it just died. Try to start it and it back fires Will fuel will cause a huge back fire..?
  4. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota spark issue

    Brand New Carb.. when I took off cover to replace stator,pick up & gasket. Would I have messed with timing..? I'm not familiar with the timing part..?
  5. Well, I received stator, pick and new key switch asembly. I have great spark. Thanks to all whom responded. NOW it Starts up with hesitation. Idles good , give a little gas it boggs down, back fires & dies instantly. Will start up after it back fires DID I MESS WITH TIMING
  6. Looking for recoil , while inspecting my recoil, the inner plastic wheel is junk. New is outrageous in price
  7. Todd Trask

    Regarding 2002 Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    Lol, apparently I made my tenth thread... Download worked great. Already feeling positive about this green beauty. Thanks quadcrazy..!!!!!
  8. I have been online all night & this morning while taking care of my 2 yr old daughter with the flu.. I am wondering why I cannot find a wiring diagram. I found in downloads , but it won't let me download..?????I only need one diagram not the whole manual. Rather spend money on accessories than $40 on a book for 1 pg. stator & pick up come Wednesday. So I'm going to bow hunt while weekend and ponder on wiring issues, with the intent to cure my quads illness. can anyone HELP..!
  9. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    I have been reading for the last couple hours..I will wait till next Wednesday to receive new stator,pickup,rectifier and gaskets. I just don't understand how one day it is running like a raped ape. And the next it just rolls over with not one spark. Like my ole man always said. "If it wasn't for bad luck, I would have and luck at all.."
  10. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    I will pay for a good diagram. Nothing is free in this world. There isn't much to these damn things. I'm just not a wiring guy. I will fix anything.
  11. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    I believe 2000 kef300
  12. Todd Trask

    Just here for a manual

    It is hard to find a forum with people whom actucally help. From my experience with other forums. Their degrading or calling someone dumb due to others mechanical background or abilities. So what I have seen so far, and the 1 question I have asked. And the quick response I have already received. I'm hoping to find a mechanic/buddy or two to teach me a thing or two. Maybe get a trail ride in. I will gladly share my outcomes,trials & errors.
  13. Todd Trask

    1995-1999 Lakota 300 Manual

    I have kef300 as well. Have you found out your electrical problem. ?
  14. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    Would anyone by chance know where I can get a wiring diagram. For this Lakota ...?
  15. Todd Trask

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    I will keep posted on this issue. Thanks again