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  1. Yes, just checking it out now. Will be helpful when I go to check out the quad later today.
  2. There does appear to be an extensive wealth of knowledge here, hopefully I will be able to add something helpful someday.
  3. Was living in Anchorage, AK about 2002 or 2003 and some of my friends would go to a place called Jim's Creek to ride quads, dirt bikes, even trucks sometimes. I did get my truck stuck out there one time (different story). Any ways I had always wanted a motorcycle, atv, etc. as a kid so went and bought a 2003 Suzuki LTZ400 and have been riding whenever I can as often as I can since. No longer have the 400, but currently have a 2016 Honda Foreman, 2006 Suzuki LTZ250, 2016 Polaris Sportsman 110 (Son's)and a 2006 Kymco Mongoose 90 (Arctic Cat 90 Clone) (Daughter's) and getting ready to possibly pick up a Kawasaki Lakota 300 (KEF300) tomorrow.
  4. This is the only site I've found that actually has a service manual for a 1995-2000 Kawasaki KEF300
  5. This is the only site I've found that actually has a service manual for a 1995-2000 Kawasaki KEF300
  6. Posting useless stuff to increase my post count
  7. Posting useless stuff to increase my post count
  8. I have used Honda, Suzuki, Kymco and KTM manuals. I don't really have a preference as I was able to find them all online. They were all detailed enough for the tasks I was performing. The Honda I used the schematics to aid in a winch install and for axle boot replacement on a Foreman (Honda's automobile service manuals are very nice, but I've not had any luck finding them in PDF) The Suzuki I used for verifying valve clearances, wire/cable routing and stock carb settings on an LTZ250, LT50, DRZ125, and LTZ400 The Kymco I used the schematics for a Mongoose 90 (similar to Artic Cat 90) that had wiring issues. The KTM I used to rebuild a little 2 stroke engine on a 50SR, it was probably the least detailed of the three manufacturers. I'll update this post after I get access to the manual for the Kawasaki KEF300
  9. I have the opportunity to pick up a 1995-1999 Lakota 300 with a bad wiring harness per the current owner and found this site in search of a service manual. I'm not much of a talker/poster. I prefer to lurk and get the info I desire, maybe ask a question or two for clarification and maybe interject if I have reliable first hand knowledge on the subject. Otherwise I pretty much just keep to myself, wrench and ride.
  10. More of a lurker unless I have something actually useful to add.

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