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  1. for real. you seemed a little spoiled going through all the wheelers. lmao but i like honda's alot, but havnt really drove too many yamahas. and yeah check out them winches because with out one sometimes it sucks. I got stuck the other day and without my friends winch i woulda been screwed.
  2. ok ill prolly start off with the filter and then to the hockey puck. i got all the tools i need.
  3. remember im talking about something cheap.... since im 14 and have no job
  4. im looking for some cheap ideas to make my fourwheeler LOOK and RUN better? got any, share them
  5. ok first i mudride not ride in rivers. and its all about seeing if you and your buddy's can make it through something. thats what its all about.
  6. no thats my cousins husband. that thing is a beast. he took it real deep and made it out with no problem
  7. yeah. but do you like to mud ride or trail ride. i like to mud ride but i try to stay away from dogging it all the time isnce its new.
  8. i got one just like it. look at my pics.
  9. i have to switch gears but i thought you meant like cluth and all that stuff.
  10. yeah like gears? or a clutch like a racing fourwheelers?
  11. ill keep that in mind, and yeah i used to ride dirtbikes and then i out grew them and my bro wanted a fourwheeler but i wanted a racing so i could go fast and jump. When i got that rancher omg i fell in love. these things are great. especially with the fuel inject thing. but yeah i will look into that clutch kit.
  12. well see im 14, no job not too much money. but i might look into that clutch kit

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